Grand Slam Tennis 2; Could It Be The Best Tennis Game Ever?

The demo for Grand Slam Tennis 2 is here and it’s the first time we get to witness and experience the type of gameplay this sequel has to offer. Unlike with its predecessor that was released only for the Nintendo Wii, Grand Slam Tennis 2 offers more realistic gameplay and graphics that it could even be better than both Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4 combined. With that in mind, let’s see what we thought of the demo of Grand Slam Tennis 2.

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FlashXIII2204d ago

This game has fantastic presentation (the commentary is great) and amazing graphics but tbh, it isn't as realistic as Top Spin 4. The gameplay for starters feels a little bit too fast and arcadey at times plus players somehow make it to the ball in times when they clearly shouldn't. Not to mention the AI isn't realistic at all on higher difficulties.. When do you ever see Nadal or Djokovic go to the net?

It's still a good tennis game though and well worth a look for fans just think "best tennis game ever" is a little bit premature. Apparently the demo isn't the final build so perhaps come launch they could improve on some things.

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