Five Places Grand Theft Auto Should Visit

The pool of GTA's former locations is very shallow. In this article, I suggest some real life cities that could very well be perfect for a new Grand Theft Auto.

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Stuart57562380d ago

Washington, Tokyo & Rio would be briliant. Political scandal for Washington, imagine been hired as an assassin for some 'client' or infiltrating a mansion to photograph a scandal. Tokyo would simply look awesome! GTAV first though. Can't wait.

depodemolisher2380d ago

Rockstar does such an amazing job recreating cities. L.A Noir's Los Angeles was picture perfect!

Lior2380d ago

They should really remake London

jthamind2380d ago

any of the top four would be fine with me. anything but another American city. lol.

DeadpoolSkye2380d ago

I generally agree with you on this, which is why my top 4 aren't in America. I just had to go with D.C. for #5 based on all the monuments and history. The political themed plots that could stem from that are mouth watering as well.

Fyflin2380d ago

I'd love to see what R* could do with a gta set in Rio.

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