1UP: Delays Have Been Kind to Snake Eater 3D, But...

Metal Gear Solid 3 is, to my thinking, one of the finest games ever created. I'm hardly alone in this opinion, so the announcement that the game would be converted to Nintendo 3DS seemed like an amazing coup for the system. How times have changed. Since then, Sony has announced its own new portable system; Konami has announced its intention to port the game to Vita; and Snake Eater 3D demoed at E3 2011 and broke our hearts with its poor quality.

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thetest2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

It's shocking how weak the 3DS is. It can't even run a PS2 game properly at a lower resolution than the PSP.

Venox20082111d ago

how weak? really? blame the devs, there are lots of times better graphics on 3DS on other games.. and please, judge the final product of the game when you'll see it in front your eyes not by trailers (on PC or 3DS) or screenshots

p.s. Can't wait for this! :)