IGN - Xbox Live Security and the Power of Vocal Victims

IGN - Compared to some Xbox Live users' months of waiting, Susan Taylor's week-long ordeal with Microsoft's ugly unauthorized access problem doesn't seem like much. Seven days isn't a terribly long time for customer support to resolve an account issue on Xbox 360 -- in fact, Microsoft told IGN the ideal wait is "days, if not hours." Taylor's case was about average, then, except for some major differentiating factors. Never mind that it embodied a perfect storm of every worst case scenario. Forget about her blog, Hacked on Xbox, blowing up online. What stood out to Taylor was how Microsoft went about helping her.

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kreate2382d ago

Thought these stories would stop but i see these articles on a weekly basis. Hopefully microsoft would step up to the plate and better handle these situations.

arnyftw2382d ago

Dude, seriously just dont add your credit card info to your account. Anyway I thought this only happened if you played Fifa

ABizzel12382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

When you're paying for a service you shouldn't have to worry about someone hacking in and stealing from you. Their security should be taking care of this whether it's MS, Sony, Nintendo, or any other company.

Thankfully I cancelled all my cards from each account and deactivated them when the PlayStation hack hit.

I find it funny that while nothing has happened with my PS3, I managed to get hacked on my 360 and have all my MS points stolen. MS still hasn't refunded my points and my case was supposed to be closed back in November. MS are doing a horrible job at handling these hacks.

These are not phishing scams at all. AS Taylor said "I'm not stupid", I now what a phishing scam is, and i never apply or sign-up for anything on a website or sent to my email for a free bonus of winning something. These hackers are finding some other way into these accounts, and it's not some lucky guess.

Fifa is supposedly the way to get into the XBL accounts, since EA servers somehow contain account information. I truly believe this is how I was hacked, because Fifa was in my recently played list before I got hacked and I've never played a Fifa game in my life. My account was auto-sign in since I live by myself, but obviously that's not safe enough since people can gain access to your account from online security errors.

MS or EA need to step up and take responsibility for this, instead of trying to keep everything under wraps.

Britainz-Fin3st2382d ago

At the moment i am unable to access my account because the email acount set up 6 years ago purely for xbl used have forgotten the password and secuirty question but the only thing ms say is i have to create a new acount meaning i lose all dlc and theres no way to complain, no department to complain to its apauling.

IHateYouFanboys2381d ago

look, these things only happen when the user is dumb enough to give their password out one way or another, or they choose a simple password that is easily guessed through brute force.

this is NOT microsofts problem, and should not be treated as such.

could microsofts support do more to help those who are stupid enough to give out their password? sure. do they have to? no.