iSTAR Drummer Review

iSTAR Drummer is an ipod music game which can actually produce the drumbeat. It has tried to maintain the experience effect of drum set performance.The game has 10 pieces of built-in free music, varied in style. Meanwhile, It has matched each piece of music with corresponding real drum set sound effect. The drumbeat setting of each piece of music reproduces 90% of the original beating drum notes in the recording studio, so if you beat correctly in iSTAR Drummer, then you are most close to the real correct beat.

Game features include:

- more drums and speed cycles for a more challenging experience
- drums arranged in curve for better comfort
- pause and restart buttons
- the ability to start exactly where you left off after an interruption
- cool colors and backgrounds
- a global ‘High Score’ list
Bravo! You’re a star drummer- once again!

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