Microsoft, Fix Your Security Problems

Late last week, the ongoing Xbox Live FIFA Ultimate Team scams bubbled up in the news cycle again when a particularly compelling customer service horror story was recounted on the Hacked on Xbox Tumblr blog. In the blog, a woman referring to herself as Susan T described her struggles with Microsoft as an outside party logged into her Xbox Live account and racked up charges on her credit card--even after Microsoft said it had blocked access to the profile while an investigation was conducted.

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SignifiedSix2198d ago

LOL, its not even hacked. Its the dumb people that fall for phishing scams. Fail article fails.

AtomicGerbil2198d ago

And you can prove that how?

hellvaguy2198d ago

And you can disprove that how?

The article did state the next stage in phishing scams is to get you to think you can buy ms points/games for dirt cheap by entering in your acount info. Mentions nothing of a system hack, so Im more inclined to believe thats the case here.

AtomicGerbil2198d ago

It cannot be proved or disproved without an independent third party involved.

I didn't even mention my opinion on the matter, just logically questioning how he can prove his reasoning.

SignifiedSix2198d ago

How can I prove that? I get messages on live from time to time that try sending me to websites that give away "free Ms points".

I'm sure there's a lot of kids on live that believe the crap, go on the website and fill in their information. Tada! Free account for the phishers.

I bet a lot of those kids have their parents CC info on the child's account too, giving them access to EVERYTHING.

AtomicGerbil2198d ago

It's not definitive proof though is it?

What about those that have claimed that they have never and will never give out password info to anybody or any site and use different passwords for every site that still claim to have had problems with their Live account?

Now, I don't believe or disbelieve them because I don't know them, but my question is would you readily disbelieve them because of your stance on the whole situation? In which case that clearly makes you a little too forgiving of Microsoft.

edgeofblade2198d ago

What will be definitive proof for you? Why do you distrust Microsoft and trust little kids who are being asked if they did something bannable? I doubt you ever read the appeals section in the Xbox forums. Those little sh*ts will lie through their teeth to the bitter end on the slimmest of chances they would get out of trouble.

Sorry... I trust Microsoft's assessment on this.

AtomicGerbil2198d ago

Where did I say I distrust Microsoft? I didn't. But I will add I'm cautious.

All I'm saying is it can be dangerous to easily believe a corporation in times of controversy, much the same as a government.

Look at the Sony mess, they were hacked, fessed up and sought a third party security investigation. They could easily have tried to cover it up because all the information taken was useless, but they didn't. I'm not saying the hack was a good thing, but I can certainly trust the outcome because the investigation was not carried out by Sony. You cannot easily believe an in house investigation. Exactly why even the police are investigated by an independent complaints authority.

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iistuii2198d ago

These kids are so addicted to this ultimate team that if they think they can get free cards if they put in their details, theyll put in their details. Now that's dumb, but how is that Microsofts fault. Wise up, you get nothing free in this world.

hazelamy2198d ago

people still buy that bull from ms?

i suppose you believed them when they said the failure rate was 5% too didn't you?

hellvaguy2198d ago Show
edgeofblade2198d ago

So, you don't believe anything Microsoft says? If they say the sky is blue, ducks lay eggs, and hazelamy's shift key is broken, you don't believe them?

hazelamy2194d ago

the ps3 was backwards compatible, for a while at least, in the us, they screwed europe out of of ever getting full BC.

and most of the ps1 games i have work, it's just a shame to play ps2 games now i'd have to rebuy them off the store, despite having the games on disc right next to me.
assuming we ever see the ps2 "classic" in europe, given how utterly shit scee is, i'm not hopeful.

and i think sony broke the law by forcibly removing the other os option.

so if you're implying i'm some kind of sony fangirl, just no.
personally i think they're all scum, sony, ms, nintendo and apple.

and my shift key works, i just can't be bothered to use it much. ^_^

GraveLord2198d ago

Geoff Keighly got "hacked" too. I'm pretty sure he's not stupid enough to fall for a phishing scam.

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duckduckdeuce2198d ago

If you think phishing scams are the only way this is happening you're mistaken. Most people are smart enough to not give their information up, and yet they still get locked out of their account, and then get the cc bill. Try to work that out with MS when it happens, I have friends who's accounts are still in limbo. Truth, not fanboy bs.

Vega752198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

dude i had my steam account hacked and was charged for games i never ordered and had my account locked. i never used my password or given out info yet it was still hacked.i eventually had the charges reversed and given a new password to change my info. how many articles did you see saying steam servers was hacked? none. you only heard about a few hacked accounts. does that mean that steam is covering up something or is fanboys and media trying to turn a handful of accounts being hacked into a something worst then what happened to sony and the PSN.

and no i didn't use a password like 1234 like some people do.

death2smoochie2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Don't give out your personal information and you will be fine.
If you give out this information hoping to get something for nothing, go withGod when you get ripped off. It's your fault.