PlayStation and Taco Bell Give You a Chance to Win PS Vita Before it’s Available in Stores

PlayStation Blog - PlayStation and Taco Bell just dished out some exciting news live at CES! While the US launch of PlayStation Vita is still more than a month away, PlayStation and Taco Bell have teamed up to give you the chance to win yours before they go on sale in stores. Starting January 26th through March 11th, one winner will be selected EVERY 15 MINUTES!

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metsgaming1747d ago

I guess i have to go to taco bell now.

ksense1747d ago

should i worry about my health is the real question here... decisions!!! decisions!!!. i was going to buy the vita anyways so this is gonna be tough

The Great Melon1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

a little MSG every now and then shouldn't hurt...

BiggsnWedge1747d ago

Hell you could get hit by a bus tomorrow and die, who knows. Just live ya life man

NukaCola1747d ago

Taco Bell is a great choice. It's very popular with everyone and big in the States where Sony needs to puch the hardest. Also, I think TB is one of the healthiest fast food chains as well. They have the best selection of healthy choices. And even their most disgusting obsesity causes like the taco salad and that delicious chalup is just mmmm....chalupa..!!!

Cosmit1747d ago

Mmmmm Beefy Crunch Burrito

moparful991746d ago

chicken crunch wrap supreme is where its at... Now im hungry thanks sony and taco bell...

Majin-vegeta1747d ago

Lol i just left Taco bell a few min ago guess ill start going more often when the 26 comes around good luck to everyone participating in it.

DonaldBeck1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

nice, taco bell is my favorite high end restaurant since the recession. anyways ps vita is looking amazing and i cant wait to win one (crosses fingers)

MariaHelFutura1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Did you just call Taco Bell a high end restaurant?!?

If you're serious, my mind is blown!!

remanutd551747d ago

well i know where im gonna be having my lunch since jan 26 till march 11th lol

Christopher1747d ago

I question Sony's partnerships.

Subway, which was always weird, IMHO. Then Coca-Cola, which went absolutely nowhere even though they made a huge deal at E3. Now Taco Bell? They need to do a partnership that sticks and has a wider audience than just those who go to a fast food place. Coca-Cola was an awesome partnership... but it fizzled and went nowhere. Get that back and you'll have a worthwhile partnership that can reach a massive share of the market.

Megaton1747d ago

They did make a lotta noise about some big Coke deal at E3, didn't they? Don't think I ever saw that bear any fruit.

Christopher1747d ago

Yeah, even KB walked out on stage to give his speech with a Coke in hand.

Rynx1747d ago

You have to wonder what did happen with that coca-cola partnership. Mayber coca-cola wanted a bigger cut, or something

golsilva1747d ago

i agree with the coke move thing. i never saw anything about that, and it was never advertised on tv. i thought the subway uncharted thing created pretty good buzz. I saw tv ads and saw uncharted posters in subways too. plus didnt that beta you get from subway get like 2 million people. Taco bell is pretty good for the demographic that the vita is initially trying to appeal, which is the 18-25 years old that are tech savy and also like to game.

moparful991746d ago

I work at subway and we had people buying large drinks just to get the little stickers that had codes for downloads and beta access... SHHH dont tell neone but I took alot of em lol got some good content

LOGICWINS1747d ago

Subway and Coca Cola were dumb partnerships...but its better than nothing. I was happy when Sony ACTUALLY had Uncharted 2 on Coke boxes.

Taco Bell on the other hand makes WAAAY more sense. It's pretty big with the college crowd.

metsgaming1747d ago

this is why they are doing it. It fits the crowd they want to get at. Taco bell is stereotyped as that while subway is not at all. Of all fast food places Taco bell is the best in that terms. The thing with subway is that there are a ton of them around.

metsgaming1747d ago

I saw Sony market coke with the kevin butler E3 appearance and the move commercial where he takes a coke from the fridge. Never saw anything from coke to advertise the move or ps3. I guess Coke hired Sony to show there products instead lol

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