5 Things Grand Theft Auto IV May Have

Lowdown of the things that might make it to the final version of Grand Theft Auto IV.

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Bill Gates3328d ago

I'm sure it'll have shiety graphics due to the 360's DVD9 space limits.

Thanks for ruining the series for us M$. You're the worst!....AHAHAHA

N4M3L3553328d ago

What a waste of a bubble. Leave

KillJoi993328d ago

Considering that the it was delayed was for the DelayStation 3.

Wii60_FTW3328d ago

if by "360's DVD9 space limits" you mean "PS3's limited ram and all around sh1ttier hardware which openly caused the delay", then yes. I agree completely!

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Gamingisfornerds3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I'd rather see them spend that time and resources on more usefull features.

Either way, can't wait for this game!

Cadence3328d ago

if i don't buy this game am not a gamer!!

va_bank3328d ago

This is spam disguised as speculation disguised as news. We have enough gaming sites and until all software development moves to India (soon) I doubt an Indian gaming site can tell us anything that we don't already know.

jinn3328d ago

splitscreen and online multiplayer!!!

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