Asura’s Wrath Demo Impression

Asura's Wrath demo is out today on PSN. This is the overall impression of the demo. The demo includes two episodes, 5 and 11.

The author writes,

"For me, this is a very difficult game to like or hate. I was originally blown away by the first trailer and had extremely high hope for the game. ..... The major problem I have with this game is it has way too frequent quick time events (QTE) during the fights
I really hope this game delivers when it is released"

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Megaman_nerd2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

The demo was freaking mediocre, just another God of War wanna be with awful voice acting, horrible graphics and bad use of QTEs.

ggamdori2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Agree. Voice acting was okay though, since I didn't have high expectation. I didn't mind bayonetta lol. This game is just executed very poorly on a potentially great concept (even though the story looks like another cliche)

young7yang2236d ago

i loved it.. definetly buying this game...

not all of us are god of war fans and not all history/ fiction games are based on greek mythology

fei-hung2236d ago

I dont understand how greek mythology or being a god of war fan / non fan has anything to do with this.

The only reason people are comparing it to God of War is due to the large boss battles and Asura being a fallen Deity, but other than that there is no comparison in terms of gameplay, story, graphics, history, sound, combat, presentation and scenery.

I was really looking forward to buying this game day one (I am a fan of this genre of games), but now I will only buy it day one at full price if the game is £20-30. The game has really bad textures, even the characters are made up of blurry textures, the enviroments are bland and bare, the combat seems like a giant button mash event and the way they play the story out in the demo is awfully cheesy with flashbacks of his daughter angering him everytime he is about to get his ass kicked allowing him to build his anger and kill the boss using it.

I just hope they flesh out the levels, imporve the textures, cutscenes and polish the gem until it is the game it could be not the game it will fall short of being.

If your arguement is the large scale bosses take up to much horsepower which is why the enviroments are balnd, take a look at the video below.

ndl15312236d ago

@young7yang so how can you like this and not like god of war? its ok and all i have the demo but just saying you settle for cheap hamburger when you can be having prime steak budy . god of war 3 is as good as it gets . i really recommend you play it if you haven't . i too dont care much for greek mythology but MAN once your kratos its just no looking back . i guess what im saying is you loved the demo for asura but you dont like god of war when asura is borrowing many gameplay elements from god of war just not executing them very well

young7yang2236d ago

i own over 70 games including god of war 3.. god of war 3 was a hug disapointment to me. graphics dont sell games gameplay does. ninja gaiden sigma, bayonetta, heavenly sword, devil may cry 4 and oddyssey to the west are all far better games then god of war 3. I was impressed that they used asian mythology while keeping true to the style in which it was orginally presented in the history books while infusing it a bit with a modern look. and the game while not overly complicated was fun to play and had me wanting to play more.

kingeo2236d ago

The biggest problem is the graphics.Just look god of war 3 and then look asura,is just too poor in comparison

fei-hung2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

I think Devil May Cry one had better graphics and a big boss battle and that was on the ps2!

Edit: 1st they released silly number of SF's in one gen, milking the shit out of them. Then they killed Dante and Devil May Cry and now they have cut possibly every corner they could have in Asura's Wrath in terms of polish and gameplay. What is wrong with them? It's bad enough we haven't got enough games in this genre and for them to go do a half assed job makes you wonder why they do what they do!