5 Xbox 360 Disappointments of 2011

Original Gamer: "2011 was a great year for gaming with some brilliant AAA titles releasing seemingly every month. Some people are even proclaiming 2011 as the best year in gaming history but for me, there were a lot of titles that either didn’t deliver on what was promised or that failed to hit the heights set by earlier titles in their series."

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delosisland2236d ago ShowReplies(1)
JellyJelly2236d ago

Retarded article. Arkham City, a disappointment. Lol.

MaxXAttaxX2236d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

In some areas, yeah.
But it was mechanically a better game than Arkham Asylum.

I don't necessarily agree with the author about the amount of extra stuff you had to do. But what I did have a problem with was parts of the story and characters.

MeatAbstract2235d ago

I kind of agree.

Don't get me wrong, Arkham City was a brilliant game, I sat down and didn't get up again until it was completed. However, it lacked the focus of the first game, but of course it would because they had to make it bigger in every way. But sadly, it lost the focus that I loved about the Arkham Asylum.

pc_masterrace2235d ago

"There have been a slew of games released over the last few years that have come with the promise of being a Call of Duty Killer so it’s quite ironic that the game that killed Call of Duty for me was Modern warfare 3 itself."

BraveToaster2235d ago

Crysis 2 was a bigger disappointment for PC players than it was for 360 players.