Wii pricing hits £30,000 on eBay

The accompanying price tag may mean re-mortgaging the house or selling granny into the slave trade, but if you're prepared to break the bank, risk your marriage, or bid farewell to your kids' higher education in order to secure the Wii, then it's yours... for the right price.

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UnblessedSoul3817d ago

*Looks on ebay* hmm £200ish for a wii where do you get 30 grand from ?

Alvadr3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I dont believe this story.

I sold my used Wii at the weekend for £265 that included games extra remotes and other accessories.

I sold a brand new Wii earlier this week standalone unit(which I was very luck to bag) and it went for £270.

Furthermore, there are still Wiis in stock although they are part of large bundle deals at Game, Gamestation for around £350. But still, you would pay that as opposed to £30k

mistermostyn3817d ago

Order the Wii search results by price. Some are Charity Wiis looking for as much as 1 million, while there are definitely single units there for as much as 30,000, though it's hard to believe anyone would buy one.

FLEX3817d ago

Where I live you can go into any shop and buy one for the normal price,loads of wii's left.

gamesblow3817d ago

Absurd! If they're buying Wii's for wiisports... Well, I hate to tell them that the ps3's motion controlled bowling game smokes the wii's ass and rotates it twice. Big time too!

Night4ll3817d ago

Face it... motion control on the PS3 sucks so far... I doubt casual gamers are going to buy a PS3 to play a bowling game

Brainiac 83817d ago

and so far in my experience, almost everything motion controlled on the PS3 has been horrible.

Plus there has yet to be a bowling game on the PS3 that has been as accurate or fun as WiiSports bowling.

borgome3816d ago

You don't know what your talking about.

M_Prime3816d ago

Well either u found out how to use the 6axis properly or ur just plain 'special' in a fanboy kinda way. I played my friend's PS3 many many times and we always turn off the sixaxis stuff in games.. cause it just doesn't work right.. or as good as in the WII.. where granted you can't turn it off. also there you get 1 bowling game on ur PS3, we get WII SPORTS.. which is more then bowling.. i love the GOLF Personally.

so i will take my WIIMOTE and swing it and feel the RUMBLE too.. but we all know its a last gen feature.. well that is till DUALSHOCK3 is realeased in N.America.. then it will be next gen again.. YAY!

seriously man.. thats some retarted stuff u wrote.. please never write that again.. it hurts my eyes and prolly dropped everyone's IQ a point or 2

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The story is too old to be commented.