Prediction: Half-Life 3 Will Be Unveiled in 2012

To be very clear, I do not have access to secret information. I have not been peering through Valve's office windows with binoculars in an attempt to spot concept art or lounged on Valve's lawn until co-founder Gabe Newell emerged for a photo op. My prediction that Valve will finally start talking about Half-Life 3 in 2012 is based on industry trends and my best guesses

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ThichQuangDuck2354d ago

As if there is not already enough speculation about Half Life 3. It will come out whenever they announce it

mistajeff2354d ago

that and valve themselves said they are announcing "something with a 3 in it" at e3. they seemed to have missed the biggest clue here.

-MD-2354d ago


HL3 will be announced in 2012.

If that doesn't happen it'll be announced in 2013.

If that doesn't hapen it'll definitely be announced in 2014.

Although if that doesn't happen we'll surely have it by 2015.

StayStatic2354d ago

Be surprised if nothing is announced at E3.