HD remakes, are they a good thing?

Luke writes:

"Go back in time if you will, its the era of PS2 and XBOX, the game you have been waiting for draws nearer. You watch the trailers, read the previews while you await the release date of the game. You wake up on the day of release, and within an hour you have been to the shop, got the game, the disk is in the machine. You await the passing of the developers logos, the screen fades onto the main menu with the ‘press start’ button teasingly flashing on the screen. The game begins with the graphics amazing you, the story thrilling you, the characters making you care about them, but as you play, you know the game must come to an end. Then as the credits roll, you begin to reflect on the experience . You have conversations with your friends, you think about the game in your own time. All the while knowing that there will only be the one time, when you were able to play that game for the first time."

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moparful992322d ago

There is NOTHING detrimental about HD remakes so far as developers dont start charging absurd prices for them or releasing sub-par remakes..

From my vantage point HD remakes not only entice owners of the previous generation consoles to make the leap and purchase current gen devices, but for those of us who already have current generation consoles have the added benefits of nostalgia, HD visuals with improved performance, trophies/achievements, and better library management(multiple games in one case)

For the developers they are a great way to give back to the loyal fans, allow new gamers to experience some of their best work, make great profits to then spur the development of other IP's, but most importantly all of these benefits combined only strengthen this industry even more..

Please keep bringing us these hd remakes, sony thank you for an brilliant idea!

DonaldBeck2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

shadow of the colossus/ico, god of war, silent hill ect say yes they are. :)

P_Bomb2322d ago

I've bought the two GOW ones, the ICO/SOTC one and the Sly Cooper one so far and they have all been fantastic. Improved performance, modern aspect ratios and res, extra content (interviews, 3D, dynamic themes, mini-games), budget priced, one disc. No regrets.

Aloren2322d ago

They offer a great opportunity to play old games. Too bad they're not all "real remakes" (like TR Anniversary, Halo CE, or Prince of persia classics)... still, it's nice to be able to buy "complete" series of games for a small price.

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The story is too old to be commented.