Project Fiona is Razers Unique Take on Gaming Tablets writes on the potential of Razers new gaming tablet:

Firstly, you have set hardware.

This is a plus for a few reasons. Given Razers prominence in the gaming world you could expect to have excellent driver support, and an easy way to update.

Games will be able to build a profile for Project Fiona to make them run faster, much like they would for a console. Even if they can't do that, the specifications would indicate it will handle current games reasonably well.

Then you have the control system.

By which I mean the controllers and the options to use a keyboard and mouse. Each system has unique benefits. The keyboard and mouse gives you an intense precision focused lean forward gaming experience.

While the controllers would give you a more relaxed lean back style, probably on a couch.
You get the benefits of both consoles and PCs in one unit.

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