Calm Down Folks, Sony’s Alright

Darkstation writes: "January is traditionally a low-key month for gaming, but that doesn’t preclude it from having its own rich traditions. We, as a community, tend to dutifully sit back and work through our back-logs from the previous fall, dickering over industry awards and looking forward to when the release schedule heats up again around March."

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LOGICWINS2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

"Now, those who know me or follow my writing are well aware that I’m about one draft of Elena Fisher fan-fiction away from being a Sony fanboy"

Admitting that your practically a Sony fanboy takes serious credibility away from your article. This should be an opinion piece.

mau642357d ago

I believe that sentence was satirical in nature.

LOGICWINS2356d ago

I was being satirical as well. Couldn't you tell?

N311V2356d ago

Very well written article. I'm personally very happy with my PS3. Gaming was losing its luster for me during the last gen but luckily Sony pushed its developers to make games for adults. I'm now more engrossed in this hobby then I've ever been.