Dungeon Defenders Review []

GamingUnion: "It may not look it, but what we have here in Dungeon Defenders is a pretty awesome co-operative tower defence experience. Developed by Trendy Entertainment, it's a game that doesn't really bother with changing the tower defence formula, but works out established conventions exceptionally well. You will more than likely find yourself glued to the screen fending off wave upon wave of goblins, orcs, wyverns and other such unfriendly fantasy creatures."

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tweex2382d ago

Hmmm. I might try it, but there are a lot of Tower Defense games out there right now. Like AC: Revelations.....

soundslike2382d ago

this better than most traditional tower defense games.

better than 7/10. for the asking price it competes with full priced retail games.

mephman2382d ago

Sounds like there are quite a few problems with it though, despite the low price.