Keyboard and Mouse vs. Controller – Which is superior?

Gamers Xtreme (Argus9): "It’s a split that’s been around since the early years of console gaming – while home computers were becoming more popular with the everyday consumer, gaming consoles such as the NES, Atari, Super Nintendo, and the Sega Genesis were flying off the shelves and finding their way into the homes of countless gamers. Nowadays, gaming companies have a much better understanding of gaming hardware, what works, and what doesn’t. And it’s possibly due to this cutting-edge level of design that gamers are so torn over this important topic – between a Keyboard & Mouse and a Controller, which setup is the superior?"

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dedicatedtogamers2236d ago

Totally depends on the game. I can't imagine ever playing a 3rd-person game with WASD controls, nor could I ever play an RTS with a controllers.

Motorola2236d ago

Racing Games and Fighter games on KB&M are torture but FPS's and MMOs need KB&M. You're totally right.

RememberThe3572235d ago

As much as I love console shooters, I have to agree; KB&M is the way to go. The funny thing is that I never really got into PC shooter but I love them on console.

MaxXAttaxX2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Console controls are best for overall character movement, fighting games, most third-person action games, platformers, etc.

Racing games are the exact same as long as you're using a wheel. Without a wheel, I'd have to go with a console controller.

Hufandpuf2236d ago

I've played Max Payne on PC and C&C on consoles just fine.

StayStatic2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Max Payne is so much better with a Mouse&Keyboard for sure, played the second on the PS2 and i did not like the controls at all, wasn't it some southpaw thing back in the day ? .. can't remember xD

Hope Max Payne 3 lives up to its name though.

Other 3rd person shooters however, i really don't mind playing with a controller, but Max Payne is the exception for me.

Also a lot of 3rd person RPGs are amazing with a mouse and keyboard.

Dragon Age , Witcher 2 anyone ? :D

closnyc22236d ago

why not 3rd person on mouse and keyboard? have you played warhammer spacemarine? works amazing on m&k. So does gears. So does hitman, so does witcher 2, so does batman, and i can name a lot more. Only thing m&k dont work at are platformers, like alice madness returns, that shit is hard on keyboard, and the force unleashed, and supermeatboy, and i can also name a few lol.

fr0sty2236d ago

for FPS games, I combine the two. Dualshock in my left hand (L1 Jumps, L2 crouches, analog moves, L3 is use/enter/exit, dpad buttons switch weapons) and I aim/whatever else with the mouse. Best of both worlds... especially in games that let you use vehicles. analog control of vehicles is very nice with that setup.

Arksine2236d ago

Hmm, might have to try that with a Navigation controller. It would be pretty good, as you get analog, extra D-pad buttons, X and O, and the triggers.

Don't know if it pairs with a PC though. Have to check it out.

A-Glorious-Dawn2235d ago

That's an amazing idea. Gonna give that one a go.

fr0sty2235d ago

Not all games let you do it, but it really helps on those that do.

SilentNegotiator2235d ago

It would be really awesome if a console released that had a controller for one hand (movement, other actions) and a mouse for the other (for aiming/shooting, RTS stuff, etc). And maybe a keyboard, too.....I'd imagine you could still have an index finger available to use from the controller hand.

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MEsoJD2236d ago

The only time I switch to a controller on my pc is for racing and fighting games. In every other case, you really can't beat KB&M.

badz1492236d ago

I suck at using kb+m and no vibration really turns me off from playing any game with it! I play all my games on consoles and pc with controllers anyday, anytime!

Young_ART2236d ago

in FPS aiming with mouse is determined by the players own reflexes.

with a controller you have to wait till the analog moves to the target.

LNDCalling2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Coming from a PC background in some ways I'd say K&M but that said I think after only a short time you adjust and its somewhat more pleasurable playing with a controller due to the increased difficulty e.g. FPS - Mouse vs Analog stick.

Depending on the game and layout of the game in particular (RPG/RTS) I might have a slight preference to either controller or mouse!

Edit: Am I the only one having issues posting, artiles showing wrong comments and then told article to old to post on! :/

SilentNegotiator2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I find the keyboard to be a terribly unintuitive way to control a lot of things, but the mouse is obviously more accurate for things like aiming. Ultimately, though, I really have no issue using KB/M or controllers.

Like I said, I'd be really happy with a hybrid that employs a handheld controller for movement, but keeping your index finger free for a small keyboard (to be sure you have sufficient buttons for control), and a mouse for the other hand.

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Theo11302236d ago

It comes down to preference. I play most of my pc games with MKB, but I know a lot of people who love using their 360 controllers for 3rd person games. But I don't think one is superior; like dedicatdtogamers said it totally depends on the game.

Snookies122236d ago

In terms of control? Keyboard and mouse no doubt, when it comes to comfort and prolonged use? Controllers of course... It's as simple as that.

Vladplaya2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Ummm no, controller is not comfortable at all, I played on both PS3 and xbox360 and after a while my hands get cramps because of the way you hold the controller, while I can play on PC for hours and hours because I don't hold anything, my hands simply lay on top of keyboard and mouse, there is slight force applied to move the mouse, but you don't have to grip it like a controller.

Also as some people already said, its up to games, T/FPS,RTS best with keyboard and mouse, fighting,racing and flying feel better with controller.

Its kinda sad to see someone would make article about that, really shows that author is scraping the bottom to get some attention.

Snookies122236d ago

I generally meant the comfort of being able to sit back in a couch and relax with a controller, where you would otherwise need a desk and computer chair to use a keyboard and mouse. XD

Bathyj2236d ago

To me its not about whats superior, but what experience is preferable.

KB&M is more precise when it comes to shooters, but I prefer a 50" screen and a couch to a 20" and a desk.

Virtual_Reality2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

''KB&M is more precise when it comes to shooters, but I prefer a 50" screen and a couch to a 20" and a desk.''

It reminds of that excuse from MS about Alan Wake on PC.

closnyc22236d ago

stop living back in 2001. You can hook up your pc to a tv. Hell, i prefer eyefinity with three 24 inch monitors (total of 70+ incheds across) than a shitty 50 inch tv. There is also a wireless pad, as well as hdmi to the tv, and many other options the pc offers that consoles dont. So your argument is fallacious.

BitbyDeath2236d ago

For most people that is just too much work.

kaveti66162236d ago

Bitbydeath is, sadly, correct.

For most people, plugging a controller dongle into the USB port and plugging a cable from your PC to your TV is too moo much hard work.

Christopher2236d ago

My wife would kill me if I moved my gaming PC to the living room.

kaveti66162235d ago

You don't have to move your gaming PC to the living room. Wires can be as long or as short as you need them to be. And game controllers have great range.

Christopher2235d ago

Unfortunately, it would stand out in my house too much, at least based on what the wife says. I even tried to hide it behind the couch, but she hated it there even. Admittedly, we don't have the best of spaces for our living room.

For now, I'm happy with my two 1980x1200 monitors in my office on the third floor instead of in the basement with just the 52" 1080p TV. But, it would be nice to do some Skyrim with a controller on the big TV. Our couch is so much more comfortable than any chair I get in my office.

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Bathyj2236d ago

Wow. Really?

PC's can connect to TV's?

How come you PC guys always say that when someone says they prefer a console setup?

Yes I'm well aware you can use a TV, and you can use a control pad, but do you? And by you, I dont mean "you" but PC gamers in general.

No you dont. (Again, not "you") because you're the same guys bragging about your 4 billion megapixel resolutions and your incredibly superior KB&M control method, so I dont see why you'd give up those things to sit on a couch.

Again, for me its not about which is better but what setting I want to enjoy it in.

How can a preference be a fallacy? A preference cant be proved wrong. Its true for me.

HenryFord2235d ago

There is no "PC gamers in general" - the variety of gamers using the PC as the platform of choice is so incredibly wide, that every assumption about this user-base can immediatly be discarded as a false assumption, simply because it won't cover the whole base. I for one enjoy my games on a 50'' screen while playing with my PC (with controller) or on 3x24'' monitors (with kb&m).
And I refuse that you put me up on the same tree as those stupid gamers that run around claiming that KB&M is superior in every way (which it isn't - only for FPS) and whatnot.

tachy0n2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

i feel the extreme envy on that comment.

STONEY42235d ago

I've had my PC in my living room for the past 2 months or so, it's worked really well. And I do use my PS3 controller for a few games. Batman AC and Dead Space 2 recently. The low FOV in Dead Space 2 along with the controls didn't fare too well with my mouse, and I had already mastered Arkham Asylum's combat on the PS3, so I might as well.

vickers5002235d ago

Controller for me. Keyboard and mouse just COMPLETELY ruins the immersion in games for me. When I'm playing with a controller, I'm not even thinking about the controller. When I'm playing with a mouse and keyboard, a chunk of my concentration is always set on making sure my left hand doesn't lose it's position on the WASD keys, and whenever I do lose that position, I either have to feel around for the little nub (which is a big inconvenience in game) or I have to stop and look at my keyboard.

Then another part of my concentration goes to making sure I don't press something that I don't intend to press that will mess up my game.

I know how to type and I've been using a PC for a very long time (not very much for gaming though) so it's not like I'm a newbie or a stranger to the mouse and keyboard, but when it comes to gaming, I just really don't like it for that. It doesn't feel like a game anymore when I'm playing with it. Also I move around a lot in my gaming sessions (not my actual sitting position, but my hands and the position of my controller), and you don't really have the same level of physical control with a kb/m that you do with a controller.

I can swivel left or right with a controller and will still be comfortable. Not so with a keyboard and mouse.

Anyways, that's just my personal opinion on the issue. Personally, I would love to overcome my problems with kb/m, and I've tried plenty of times (I even bought a 120 dollar gaming keyboard and a 109 dollar razer mouse and tons of games on steam sales), but I just can't seem to make the whole process seem second nature. It's pretty much the main reason why I have so many unfinished and unplayed games on steam (though a pretty huge part of that is also the fact that the games were so freaking cheap when I saw them that I couldn't resist buying them).

I suspect it would take A LOT of gaming on pc for me to get to the point where I forget that I'm using the kb/m.

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xCaptainAmazing2236d ago

and the answer will follow. Unfortunately everybody has a different definition of superior, so neither is universally superior to the other.

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