Sports Simulators vs. Arcade Sports

Which do you prefer, arcade sports or simulation sports? How's the competition faring between the two, or is there even a competition anymore? Sports games have been fine-tuning their formulas for over two decades, and still hold a strong market in the world of video games. Read on to see where the genre could be headed.

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Funky Town_TX2237d ago

IMO all sports games are arcade. There are some that are just more arcady than others.

SuperbVillain2237d ago

Different moods = different games. In other words it all depends on what I feel like playing at the moment

dinkeldinkse2237d ago

I haven't played one sports game that could be considered a simulator.

Jobesy2237d ago

Hello? Wii Sports anyone? I know you forgot that, so I'll let it slide./s

The term sports simulator has so many levels of sad it's pathetic. Some people REALLY need to get outdoors.

Young_ART2237d ago

well even though non of them are "simulators" there are ones that aim to be more arcade-y than the competition. i agree with superdopetastic, its all about the mood of the gamer.

at times you may just want to play an nba street type, over the top sports game, but then there's times where you feel more towards playing the ones aimed towards simulating the actual sport (nba 2k etc etc)