Lovely and relaxing Battlefield 3 slow-mo video

DSOGaming writes: "There is something really great about all those slow-mo and timelapse videos and YouTube's member, 'tjmhay', has released a lovely and relaxing slow-mo Battlefield 3 video. To make things even better, tjmhay chose Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. An excellent choice if you ask us. This is just beautiful and you should definitely give it a go."

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Angels37852202d ago

Does anyone know if this dude is running mods, because that looks damn good!! My pc can max BF3, and mine does not look like that.

john22202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

he's probably using FXAA injector

pc_masterrace2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

FXAA injector allows you to tweak colors; search it out on youtube and there should be plenty of how to videos.