The Last Of Us: Has Naughty Dog Made A Mistake?


"I’m not quite sure what I think about Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us, and that’s odd.

I mean, I’m a well-documented fan of post-apocalyptic fare, doubly so if it’s of the zombie variety. I’m also enamored with Naughty Dog‘s work, particularly in the Uncharted series.

The Last Of Us seems to be cut from the same high-quality cloth, too. So why is it that I don’t find myself instantly smitten with this game the way that I have with their previous works?"

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Hufandpuf2292d ago

Who really cares what you think? Also, that doesn't mean I am excited for it either I just hate these kinds of articles where journalists think people care about their opinions.

BadCircuit2292d ago

Dude, most articles from non 'pure news' sites involve opinion. Could it be that you just don't agree with this one, so reject it?

Look at all the articles on the new Devil May Cry. Or about Vita. Or 3DS. Or Kinect. They are ALL opinion pieces.

Throwing 'zombies' into a 'survival' game is really old and this game looks like the movie I Am Legend so obviously. I Am Alive seems like a better concept that is similar in my opinion. But you can disagree, and that's fine.

It will be a good game, but not what I love Naughty Dog for.

Hufandpuf2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

I'm not trying to defend my opinion (which there is none) on this game. I just don't like these articles. Give me some news not opinions.


I don't even have a PS3 so jokes on you.

BitbyDeath2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

I think its more like Zombieland, i am legend is too serious for a naughty dog game.

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erathaol2292d ago

To me the 'Last of Us' is Naughty Dog being let off the leash. (Pardon the Pun) People who have played the Uncharted games know that they always have a Scary Supernatural element, that is typically well done.

Imagine a whole game based around that with a story focused on a world molded in that environment. Kind of cool, right?

BadCircuit2292d ago

Not if it's in the US again. Movies and games seem so American-centric already!

But I guess they want us to relate to it closer and the destruction of American society is what gamers are most used to in media if not by living there in actual fact. I would have preferred it to take place in Sydney :)

milohighclub2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

The last of us meets I am legend.....f*^%ing AWESOME!!! Survival coop action adventure that keeps you on the edge of ur seat with uncharted style set pieces, characters we will no doubt love like family and an emotional story that will bring a tear ur eye...all whilst killing zombies...wouldn't you want that???

Naughty dog, throw in some RPG elements and u could have the perfect game here.

milohighclub2291d ago

Just had an idea....hopefully it will have would be could cool to have RPG character levelling up but instead of skill points, say when you climbing or running u build leg and arm muscle allowing you to run and climb faster.

Panthers2291d ago

AGREE 100%

Ever since the first Uncharted when you were in that dark bunker (or something of that nature) and first saw the 'creature' all I could think was "Wow, ND could do an amazing survival horror game"

The lighting, the mood, everything about it was perfect, and much better than what Capcom has put out lately.

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GribbleGrunger2292d ago

this game is going to be incredible! can't wait.

Thatguy-3102291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Tell me one recent zombie/survival GAME not movie that has a decent story other than dead space. ND will evoke emotion with well developed characters and an amazing atmosphere that will make this game like no other. Emotion is the one thing they will try to accomplish with this game. It has a similar feel to I am Legend but it isn't a bad thing and it will benefit from it IMO. Story may not be new but its just the way they decide to approach it. Just look at Among Thieves. Typical story but what made that game special was the character development, voice acting, amazing graphics etc. This will be no different and the fact that its new territory for them makes it more unique.

j-blaze2291d ago

"Tell me one recent zombie/survival GAME not movie that has a decent story"

well, i can mention not one but three great games: Siren, Fatal Frame 4, Deadly premonition "gameplay mechanics and grfx are bad in this game but it has amazing story and characters!"

i'm sure The Last Of Us is going to be good, but will lack originality, and you know, the relationship between the 2 main characters of the game will be very similar to the relationship between Leon and Mathilda in the movie "Léon", and i'm pretty sure that Joel will die and Ellie will tell their story at some point

Sevir2291d ago

How, Joel is the character you have control over! And incest again they said its a franchise so Joel and Ellie aren't dying! The speculations are just off the wall. Let's just hold our reservations until we see the first gameplay footage! And then played the game for ourself!

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gaminoz2292d ago

I think that people who play a lot of games and write about them have the right to point things out to devs when they are taking an approach that may not be as attractive as they think.

I love Uncharted for the light fun adventure style of gaming. I don't think this is the right direction for Naughty Dog in my opinion, but will see what they come up with.

RememberThe3572292d ago

I'd like to hear why you don't think this is the right direction they should be going in. Because I really don't think any of us have the right to tell artists what they should create. If Naughty Dog wants to explore this idea than more power to them. Just because you want them to stick to lighthearted easy-to-digest issues, doesn't mean thats what they want to do. And if they want to get darker and explore some deeper, more fundamental human nature type topics, I personally can't wait to see what they come up with.

gaminoz2292d ago

Fair enough statement. And I'm not writing it off by any means.

But they want to presumably attract people to their title as well as 'express themselves the way they want'. A lot of people have reservations on the initial concept, but then a lot are excited too.

The author actually says why I don't think this is the right direction personally:

"Problem is, we’ve been seeing a lot of that angle lately...In the world of film, it’s been well-trod ground lately, from 28 Days Later, to I Am Legend, to The Walking Dead.

What can The Last Of Us offer that they didn’t?

Most of us have seen the stories before, heard the same questions asked, picked at the same themes.

What to do when a loved one gets infected? How do people cope with the isolation, or feelings of hopelessness? How does one maintain a semblance of humanity, when everyone else is either a shambling corpse, or has resorted to barbarism?

It’s old hat."

iamnsuperman2292d ago

I just hope they develop the relationship between the girl and guy and the characters themselves in this post apocalyptic world.

UC3 had a lot of amazing set piece moments which were great for that game. I just hope they tone it down

BadCircuit2292d ago

Yes the story and relationship will be most important. If it goes too far into the "kill others to survive" and "kill zombies" it will look really really familiar and dull.

raztad2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

I'm totally confident on ND ability to deliver a great game even if some elements of the concept dont look as fresh as many would like.

That said, I feel some people are really desperate to express concerns, or dismiss the game out of so scarce info. I think it is a bit ridiculous. Let us wait for more meaty info, some gameplay before jumping to conclusions.

Holeran2292d ago

Honestly it doesn't look very much like the Uncharted series to me at all. Maybe it's just me but it looks definitely like its own thing.

tiffac0082292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

I think its better to wait for the game to come out and then we can give all our 2 cents about it because right there is almost nothing to base our opinions on.

Too few details, not enough gaming. ^^

BadCircuit2292d ago

Except that like Dead Island they have released a trailer to get us to formulate opinion. It's what it was for: to get us excited about their product.

So if their trailer does the opposite, it is worth mentioning so they get that not everyone likes their direction.

tiffac0082292d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Of course that's what advertisement does. To capture the imagination of the consumers. Like trailers for movies or front cover for books and comics.

But I'm a firm believer on don't judge the book by its cover. So I'll wait till I get my hands on the game (or the very least a demo) then base my opinions on those rather than minor details.

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