Lost Odyssey Images: Gamersyde: Some Bad Some Good

Gamersyde writes:

"Microsoft released this new batch of screenshots of Lost Odyssey. And considering how bad some of them look, you've got to wonder what some of PR people were thinking..."


9 new screenshots have been added, gamersyde - these look better

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Krazy Ken Kutaragi3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

MK_Red yet again feeding the Sony Trolls. I hope you enjoy your meal Sony fanatics as this is Bullshit!

bootsielon3935d ago

Who the fvck takes the time to search for a Ken Kutaragi pic, name their avatar "Krazy Ken Kutaragi" for the sole purpose of bashing Sony?

I don't know what's higher in magnitude, Zhuk's fanboyism in his statements, or your lack of life.

UnblessedSoul3935d ago

Another great AAA title for the xbox360 /sarcasm

predator3935d ago

this is a great title for the 360 - we have no idea how old these pictures are, if you have seen the videos then you would know that these pics must be taken from an earlier build of the game, i dont think sony fanboys can say anything after the killzone 2 touch up.

both games will be great.

Multigamer3935d ago

some look bad

some look good

DRUDOG3935d ago

Don't know how old these are, but damn those are some serious jaggies. BTW is that dude crying in that shot with all three faces? His eyes are like "bleeding" out over the skin. This game looks cool, but it has been getting dissed by quite a few rags for some reason or another.

Bill Gates3935d ago

This game does look like a PS2 game. Holy CRAP!!....HAHAHHAHAHHA

You BABOONS should've just saved yourselves the headache and bought a PS2. It has NO RROD, AND also has the BEST RPG's money can buy.....AAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHH AHHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAH

Eat it BABOON BOTS, you dished it, NOW EAT IT....AHAHHAHAAHA

What goes around, comes around. Ten fold!!....aaahahahahahah

Fighter3935d ago

Dude you need more bubbles. Don't ever change.

PS360WII3935d ago

How do you guys know who submits stories? It doesn't tell me. Ah well. The only thing I hate about these pics is that stupid locke of hair that the main guy can't seem to wipe away from his face. Cut it off!

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The story is too old to be commented.