Documentary Calls Out Mass Media on Portrayal of Women…Including Videogames

Danielle D of writes:

"This isn’t the 90’s where videogames needed an over sexualized mascot to represent the medium. The industry is working hard to undo that stereotype by including well-designed female characters like Chloe Frazer and Elena Fisher. Even the voiceless Chell from Portal 2 shows gamers are willing to play with a female lead, but then again her gender isn’t that important to gamers. What is important is acknowledging the slow progress to include great female characters in games rather than overanalyzing their figures. Things do change over time."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2383d ago


This should be good...

Many attempts have been tried to point out the shamelessness of exploiting the female gender to garner interest in a product. It has only gotten worse. I applaud the attempt as always... but the media will be the media.

LightofDarkness2383d ago

Ok, how many games feature a real every-man protagonist? You could probably count them with your digits.

Men are just as overly idealized as women in games. In case you haven't noticed, our big favourites are ripped, buff, tanned and stupidly proficient with every big-boy toy you can imagine, despite being only about 25 years old.

The thing is, most videogames portray very extreme situations with a lot of extreme action. It is only logical to invent some idealized and "extreme" avatar to make it seem plausible that this character would be successful above all others in that environment.

So we have steroid infused adonises on the male side and weaponized sexuality on the female side.

The only difference is that men (or really most gamers, including women) don't complain that they're not matching up to the seemingly flawless and exaggerated avatar on screen: it's a fantasy, and we know it. The developers aren't suggesting that I should look like the protagonist, they're suggesting that he's the type of guy that can not only survive, but thrive and succeed in that environment. Their crazy, made up imagination-land where everything is multiplied by 10 kind of environment.

Just the way I see it anyway.

gamer78042383d ago

Spot on. Some games are not meant to be realistic in every aspect. That's what makes them entertaining. This is not something new comic books have been doing this for ages. They know readers don't always want a story, hero or heroine that's acts and looks like an ordinary person.

Pintheshadows2383d ago

It permeates every kind of media. TV and Film are far worse. Their insistence on casting only attractive people in roles creates a bizarre utopia of pretty people. The sexiest of which is Lt Cmdr Data.

Tuxedo_Mask2383d ago

"This isn’t the 90’s where videogames needed an over sexualized mascot to represent the medium."

Is she talking about these guys?