Capcom Explains Potential of Future Crossovers, CES 2011 Plans

Capcom fleshed out their plans, briefly, for CES 2011, including that they may do some live streaming from the show floor. Also, a few employees briefly chimed in with their opinions on what they'd like the next Vs. series game to be.

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stonecold32324d ago

bring xman vs street fighter out in hd remake and same goes for marvel super hereos vs street fighter and the street fighter ex series and dino crisis and rival schools i would buy that in a heart beat?

jc485732324d ago

I always get the feeling that Capcom doesn't like the idea of having a cross over with Mortal Kombat.

NYC_Gamer2323d ago

both franchises are way too different in my opinion

smashman982323d ago

lol but street fighter and tekken are more similar? not a chance

Megaman_nerd2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Capcom vs Snk!!!! That's what the fighting community really wants but Capcom doesn't listen!

baodeus2322d ago capcom vs snk 2 is probably the best cross over i have played. If they release that same game online, man, it might lower the sale of others Capcom fighting games.

Did they say a cross over of capcom vs Ark system (blazeblue etc...)? Ark system might just combo capcom to death.

Lord_Sloth2323d ago

CvS is my favorite crossover! I WANT MORE!!!

sloth33952323d ago

did we go back in time to 2011?

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The story is too old to be commented.