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Sony Doesn’t Plan To Unveil A New PlayStation At Key Trade Show

Sony said it does not plan on making an announcement about a new home console at this year’s E3 videogame trade show, deflating expectation that a successor to its PlayStation 3 will be on its way soon. (Industry, Kaz Hirai, Next-Gen, Sony)

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ssb3173  +   1492d ago
This year was probebly a bit too early to announce the PS4 anyway, but if microsoft announce the next xbox here then they could be pressurised into producing a new console. Their 10 year cycle may not come to fruition as they want not to fall too far behind solang as gamers want the console, it will still sell bucketloads.
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PirateThom  +   1492d ago
10 year cycle doesn't mean the PS3 will be their only console on the market. They'll still have it on sale for 10 years, but they'll phase the PS3 into the PS2's position and have the PS4 as their "flagship".
GribbleGrunger  +   1492d ago
dear God. look, i'll tell you in simple terms just so that you can understand it because quite clearly you're not the only one that doesn't understand:

PS1 sold for 5 years before the PS2 was released and then continued to sell for the next 5 years [10 years in all]. the PS2 (which was released 5 years into the PS1 lifecycle) sold for 6 years before the PS3 was released and continued to sell for another 5 years [11 years in all]. the PS3 (which was released 6 years into the PS2 lifecycle is currently on it's 5th year)

read that a few times then perhaps you won't be confused in the future and you'll understand the pattern
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Boody-Bandit  +   1492d ago
Sing it from the rooftops, sky write it, place it on billboards, advertise it on the net and broadcast tv, print it on tshirts and hand them out around the globe for free, AND they still wont get it.

It's just like the whole shipped vs sold debate.
I don't know if they do actually know and pretend not to or if people truly are this misinformed.

But thanks for the efforts GribbleGrunger
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GribbleGrunger  +   1492d ago
perhaps it's selective memory loss because i really can't believe people are that daft. on the 4th of Nov MS announced they had sold 57 million 360s. they just released sales figures of 66 million 360 sold. no matter how many times you try to explain that there's no way MS sold 9 million units in two months people just blindly believe it. it's incredible. on one hand they pretend not to understand and on the other hand they take nonsensical numbers and just accept them without question.

during those two months the 360 sold just over a million more consoles than the PS3. that would mean that the PS3 sold 8 million units!!! there isn't a chance of that. Sony themselves said they sold 3.9
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forcefullpower  +   1492d ago
Hit the nail on the head. I just dont get where they pulled 9 Million from.

I am really starting the believe they must just stuff the channels with goods just to get high figures.

I still think this gen will be longer and i recon a 2014 release with info at E3 2013.
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onyoursistersback  +   1492d ago
^_^.......hehehe. week Kevin Butler comes out with a PS4 T-shirt!!! (his voice) "there is NO ps4, what are you people talking about!?!"
beastgamer  +   1492d ago
if microsoft announce the new xbox, well Sony.
Looks like your going to enjoy third place again unless Nintendo takes one for the team
but........then again SONY is the biggest LIAR that I know.
PS3 is like what, almost 6 years old.
PS1 = 1994
PS2 - 2000
PS3 - 2006
PS4 - 2012?? SONY BETTER!!
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THC CELL   1492d ago | Trolling | show
Virtual_Reality  +   1492d ago
Is wrong to be in the third place?
RememberThe357  +   1492d ago
If your a fanboy.
Convas  +   1492d ago
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

"We're not making Twisted Metal"

"No PS4 at E3"

Anybody seeing the correlation? He's not going to come out and say that it's going to be at E3. Herp Derp.
RememberThe357  +   1492d ago
I agree, I don't get why so many people take PR talk at face value. We'll see it when we see it, this year or next. At least some of us have learn to ignore PR talk.
Hufandpuf  +   1492d ago
No new console announcements this year guys. Deal with it.
Baka-akaB  +   1492d ago
I applaud them for at least killing such rumor ... preventing at lest one excuse for the inevitable "Sony's e3 conf wasnt great" we can always count upon from some blogs , sites or folks
RandomDude655  +   1492d ago
It happens every year though.
Wah, wah, wah..ps3/360 didn't announce one title that I wanted, and who cares about what other people want.
This industry is full of man-babies.
archemides518  +   1492d ago
LIES!!!! it will be there!!!!

or if msoft announces the next xbox, then sony loses and i will get that.

they better at least bring the heat with some JAW DROPPING new ps3 game announcements, because there's nothing left for the forseable ps4-less future except last guardian...and how many YEARS can they milk out of that???????
Virtual_Reality  +   1492d ago
''they better at least bring the heat with some JAW DROPPING new ps3 game announcements''

There are already PS3 games announced that maybe are not Jaw Dropping for you, but at least it delivers the quality for the gamers.

Also, there is a new and fresh game, revolutionary without a doubt for FPS/MMO genres for consoles and is only for PS3, is DUST 514 that is going to be released this summer 2012.
Abdou23  +   1492d ago
Not E3, but maybe Gamescom or TGS ?!!
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Abdou23  +   1492d ago
I'm 100% sure that:
1- both consoles will be announced this year.
2-both consoles will be released next year.
Adolph Fitler  +   1492d ago
Yeh right.....All he has said is that there won't be a PS4 announcement at E3.....NOT THAT THERE WON'T BE ANY PS4 ANNOUNCEMENTS THIS YEAR.

Sony are smart, they will hold a special playstation event right after E3, once MS has unveiled 360's successor & Nintendo have given out something solid on Wii-U's specs & release lineup & date......

Bang, once thats done, hold a special Playstation event & announce PS4,......and steal the other 2's thunder..... As I seen in another story about PS4's release date on here, from another post,......every Playstation announcement so far, has been at one of Sony's exclusive ps event.

How dumb would Sony be, to possibly be 1 of 3 to announce new console details at the one event.
They are better off looking at the competitions showing and having there developers & close 3rd party developmet friends, as well as there hardware development teams working there asses off to get some stuff ready for a November playstation event that unveils ps4 & some wicked looking tech demos, early gameplay footage & the like, that will smash what we've seen from MS & Ninty, out of the park.
This would be the smart thing to do, this is what I would do, if I ran Sony, & this is what Sony WILL do...Mark my words PS fans.....PS4 will be announced officially by years end.....if Sony don't do this, it will be suicide for earning back 1st, or even 2nd place next gen. Sony know this....and anyone worried that a PS4 announcement (or even launch) this year will affect PS3 or Vita sales, just need to look at how PS2 sales were affected by PS3 release & they will realize that PS2 saw it's best sales after the PS3's announcement & release.
Dojan123  +   1492d ago
Agree - If MS has the new xbox at E3 we will see Sony do something at TGS. At the end of the day it will not matter if MS "says" something first. The key for Sony is to get it out to the market around the same time.
guitar_nerd_23  +   1492d ago
If I were Sony, I would wait and see what MS does at E3 and counter at TGS.
Adolph Fitler  +   1492d ago
PS4 will be announced this year....FACT... Ken Kutaragi will be announced to be heading the project....FACT....OK, I wish that last part was fact, as Sony are facing there 1st home console launch without Ken's input.

I think that the departure of Kutaragi hurt the PS franchise, as consumers in the know, like myself, no that Kutaragi was the heart & soul of PS.....he fought tooth & nail to get the original PS off the ground.
supremacy  +   1492d ago
Yes i agreed with you to a certain extent.

But he is also the reason why the ps3 is hard to develop for and the reason why the ps3 has cost Sony a boat load of cash as well.

The awkward memory set up in the ps3, which not only limits ps3's potential is also the culprit behind things like cross game chat and other multi-tasking possibilities not present in the ps3.

The guy is a genious no doubt, but he made some mistakes which cost Sony dearly. So as a result he had to go.

The vita is proof that such a man isnt needed.

That patform is everything I wish the psp was, and its O.S shows promise the ps3's O.S dont.

Its about connectivity, community, content and synergy(out of all the old bosses phil harrison was the only one to see this early on, but we all know what happened to him). Not complicated math or hardware. Those days are long behind the times, and honestly, thank god we moved away from those.
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DeeZee  +   1492d ago
Ha-ha, why do people even ask this question? It'll be announced at a PlayStation Event, just like the PS3 and NGP before it.
RandomDude655  +   1492d ago
Seriously...E3 is a north american press event/trade show essentially. Why just let the american journalists have the scoop, when you could invite members of the international press to your own event? I do think they are close to announcing though by the PR responses. AKA "we are not deliberating on ps4", which could easily mean that the specs are already set, and it's not a debate.

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