Blizzard Comments on Diablo 3 Console Confirmation, Focus Remains on PC Version

Earlier today numerous sites sourced a Tweet from Bashiok, Community Manager for Blizzard Entertainment, whom had seemingly confirmed Diablo 3 for home consoles. This news spread fast and caught the attention of all gamers, but the excitement was for not. Blizzard has now issued an official statement concerning the subject matter of the said Tweet

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BiggCMan2259d ago

Still not confirmed according to the official statement haha, man what an interesting day. Well, console or not it will be a fantastic game. If it does come to console, I consider it a great thing as many more people will try it out.

OcularVision2259d ago

Next-Gen consoles perhaps.

Ps3-PCgamer2259d ago

Any publicity is Good for this game. I think that tweet is just proof that the release is right around the corner. Would love to see this on consoles but let's be honest. Us PC gamers deserve this more than anyone.

Tdmd2259d ago

So much excitment over nothing... still hopeful, though.