Destructoid's most wanted PlayStation 3 games of 2012

Destructoid- "The past year has been an interesting one for Sony. The PlayStation 3 finally began to hit its stride, a new portable finally emerged, and an "unauthorized intrusion" resulted in a month-long network outage. That major pothole aside, there have been much brighter moments and many great games since then.

But that's enough reflection for now. It's time to focus on what the future has in store. All week long, the Destructoid Staff will be sharing our picks for some of the most wanted titles of the next year. Yesterday, you saw Hamza's and Conrad's choices for the Xbox 360. Today, Samit Sarkar and I are here to share our most anticipated PlayStation 3 titles of 2012."

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Colwyn2382d ago

twisted metal, sorcery, the last guardian, the last of us, ffvs 13

NewMonday2382d ago

i wouldn't put the last guardian, Agent or FF13V on any list until a hard release date is listed

fei-hung2382d ago

If you looking forawrd to Socery, I think you should buy Medievil moves. Game might be on rails but it is awesome and make brilliant use of the Move controller.

Can't wait for Journey and Dust514. I think Dust might be the 1st MP game I buy that I will not put down after a month. I find it hard to stay interested in MP games. I usually blast through sp campaigns and call it a day :s

DonaldBeck2382d ago

twisted metal and the last guardian are going to take maybe 200 hours of my life. oh and the last of us. and the silent hill hd collection.

Relientk772382d ago

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Tales of Graces f
Sly 4
The Last Guardian

--Onilink--2382d ago

I honestly dont understand why people add the last of us to this type of list.

With so many great games coming this year that we do actually know how they are, why is it that they add a game we know nothing about, we dont even know what type of genre it is....

I know naughty dog is a great developer but at least wait until we have some more details, a developers name alone isnt always enough, just look at bioware and dragon age 2 as an example

brettyd2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Anything Naughty Dog touches is gold thats why people cant wait for it.

I am starting to worry about Twisted Metal though, i have a feeling its going to sell terribly. I personally can't wait to play it.

--Onilink--2382d ago

Well the same could have been said of square enix a couple of years ago, or again bioware, they had a great track record and then came da2 and dissapointed a lot of people.

And its not like im being negative or want the game to be bad, i hope naughty makes another amazing game, i just find so hard to understand how people can be excited enough to put this game on a list instead of other ones when we dont what genre it is, how is the gameplay, the story,etc.

For all we know it could end up a puzzle game... Thats kinda my point, there are amazing games we do know about and i feel we should at least wait until we know something about the game before getting all hyped

firelogic2381d ago

Bioware isn't a good example because they didn't become prominent until Mass Effect. Sure they made games before but they didn't have that A-list status.

ND has made 4 crash games, 4 jak games, and 3 uncharted games. Their pedigree speaks for itself.

SE? They've been on a decline since the PS1 era ended.

humbleopinion2382d ago

Not only that, but it's also not even announced for 2012.

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