PlayStation at CES - What's New For Gamers?

Sony recently held its Consumer Electronics Show (CES) press conference, revealing a slew of important sales data, PS Vita features and smartphone launches. The show itself is not especially renowned for its focus on video games, but there was still plenty to take out of Sony's showing at the event. Here's what came out of it.

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bunfighterii2354d ago

Might not be reaching the lofty predicitions some expected, but half a million in 20 days from a single territory seems pretty solid.

gypsygib2354d ago

The sony phone looks very cool. I'm sick of Samsung's low build quality.

fei-hung2354d ago

Agree, and I am sick of Apples restricted phone apps and services compared to android smart phones.

This might be the perfect alternative and I hope Sony has their eco system sorted out by then and it is as broken as it is now :s