IGN: The Rise of Wii U in 2012

Nintendo had a great press conference at E3 2011, but many critiqued the company for not answering enough questions. That the publisher intended to only tease its new system, clearly holding huge details for 2012, didn't necessarily matter, largely because its current console was an afterthought in the eyes of many. What about the launch titles? What about pricing? A release date? Online infrastructure? Would the games demonstrated in the sizzle reel really matter in 2012? Would gamers only care about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, even if it hadn't even started development yet?

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iamnsuperman2200d ago

I personally wouldn't call Nintendo's E3 conference good, too be honest the big three had bad conferences. Ubisoft showed what a conference should be like

Nintendo have a lot to reveal in a short amount of time for the Wii U. I personally think they unveiled to early (before they were ready). Lack of specs suggests they had a basic concept but it wasn't in the final stages at E3 2011.

jacen1002200d ago

there is no panic i would say realy at the end of the day specs are not that important to boast about because that is the easy part, all the tech is there it just has to be put in the box, its innovation like the second screen that is important if u ask me

Vortex3D2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

That is why Nintendo is heavily marketing hypes on Wii U. Hype isn't real and Nintendo marketers can say whatever they need to ensure Wii U continues to sound amazing. As the article said the faithful will buy it. Some PS3/X360 gamers will buy it because they are curious. Some existing Wii owners will buy it for the same reason, newer must be better.

For example, many Wii owners want 720p/1080. Didn't Nintendo say playing Wii games on Wii U will not be upscale the resolution? If that remains true, then less educated Wii owners simply assume playing Wii games on Wii U will look better until they bought Wii U. There will not be enough Wii U titles at launch. But that doesn't matter because it helps to move more Wii U and Nintendo will call that a success.

I know Nintendo must do everything they can, hype, lie or anything to ensure Wii U is successful enough. After Wii U comes out, I'm curious to see how much the actual machine will deliver. But they are not getting my money this time like they did with Wii.