MotorStorm 3.1 Update - Mirrored Tracks, and 2D Vehicle Select Added

The latest update to MotorStorm is out today.

Now included is a vehicle selection of 2D/3D in the host options as well as mirrored tracks.

The vehicle selections lets you have either the traditional 3D select screen or a 2D grid of the vehicles to choose from, which seems to speed up the selection process somewhat.

The host can also choose mirrored tracks which reverses the entire geometry set of the tracks. Where you went left you will now go right. An interesting mix, and will take some getting used too not to forget which way you're actually going!

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MaximusPrime3817d ago

im glad there added 2d vehicle selection. Dont know about you, i want to select it quickly rather letting it load up the vehicle.

UnblessedSoul3817d ago

Yeah that was one of the things which was really irritating

predator3817d ago

is motorstorm worth getting? whats online like?

im trying to decide to either get heavenly sword, warhawk, rfom or motorstorm, i have uncharted (awsome by the way)

only got my ps3 on sat.

MaximusPrime3817d ago

Motorstorm is a great game for first PS3 owners. It is fun online.

I have this game since March. Still loving it.

hokis4ever3817d ago

I had purchased for my PS3. Still enjoying it. Visuals are great and gameplay is pretty fun (although sometimes repetitive). Online is pretty fun as well and you'll always find people playing.

As Starsky would say... Dooo iiiitttt!

mighty_douche3817d ago

dude get motorstorm, if you even only slightly enjoy racing games you'll love motorstorm and so will your mates!

oh, and well done, welcome to the Dark Side....

predator3817d ago

haha at douch, im not on the dark side, i now have the force of two powerhouse's lol

all bow to me!!! hahaha

mighty_douche3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

but yeah, id get motorstorm over the other games you suggestted. whats your PSN dude?

EDIT: get warhawk to dude (when you got the cash o_O) but it might be worth waiting as theres an "expansion pack" coming very soon so you might be able to buy warhawk and its expansion in one bundle which will probably save you a few quid.

predator3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

lllpredatorlll - if you go on my n4g profile it shows it better,

im working away during the week and have my 360 with me so when im home on friday ill accept it.

edit- warhawk has taken my eye but i will not be able to play online games without a headset (use to it on live) so ill need to buy warhawk in the shops with the headset.

DrPirate3817d ago

I'm thinking the same thing too now...

They seem to be really supporting this game which makes me really optimistic about getting it.

I even hate racing games, but damn, I'd get it just to support this developer.

mighty_douche3817d ago

dont buy the warhawk-headset combo, you pay way over the odds for the headset. the PS3 will work with any Bluetooth headset, just get on ebay and pick one up, you can even buy the MadCats one (that the one that come with warhawk) from there much much cheaper!

saving money on that mean more money for GAMES!!

Coffin873817d ago

motorstorm is THE "classic" ps3 game.
on launch, everyone (including me) bought this game, and since launch, everyone (invluding me) is enjoying this.

but i would probably buy it over ebay, not in the store.

KidMakeshift3816d ago

I bought it then sold it then bought it again

I think I like it

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kiikoooo3817d ago

ive got all of motorstorm, hs , warhawk and rfom and i gotta say get Hs or Warhawk.
if you like action games u have to try hs its epic. and warhawk is the best multiplayer game around. motorstorm is awesome too

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