EA 'Couldn't Be More Happy' With Star Wars Launch

Star Wars: The Old Republic has gotten off to a good start with more than a million users already in the game as of Christmas week. The first ever MMO launch from BioWare hasn't gone as smoothly as some would like, however, with some players experiencing trouble connecting to servers and others suffering from bugs and performance issues. That said, EA COO Peter Moore is thrilled with the response to the game so far.

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Kran2353d ago

Well it was a big launch..... I mean I should know with the hour long waits ;P It was worth it though. Great game. Taking my time leveling up though. Im currently level 26!

metsgaming2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )


come on lucasarts do it

FlashXIII2353d ago

And a new Jedi Knight game too!

metsgaming2353d ago

i also want another rouge squadron

FlashXIII2353d ago

Well he isn't going to say he's unhappy is he? Hate to sound pessimistic but I'm sure EA/BW were hoping for 2m sales by now and ultimately the true success of the game will come in 2-6 months.

BakedGoods2353d ago

Um, source? They've publicly said they wanted to hit 1 million within 6 months. They achieved that on launch, bro.

Baka-akaB2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

None other mmos were doing 1.6 million in 1-2 weeks since wow ... so i doubt he needs to fake optimism

R_aVe_N2353d ago

I think you are right the fallout you have after that free month and a few months down the line will tell if it will last. I personally do not think it will and will change a different model fairly soon. It still did really well for a starwars MMO. Can't knock it for that XD

closnyc22352d ago

the game already surpassed the 2 million its is doing very well for a sub oay mmo. My personal opinion, i dont like the game one bit but good for EA.