Wii U At CES 2012

Nintendo is giving journalists hands-on time with the console on the sidelines.

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BrunoM2263d ago

Well I'd love to get some hands on but not with party games with some high end games

I skipped the wii era ( I know many good game may have come to it ) but I dot see my self as a wii player so as an old school gamer hopping for big things for the "hardcore" wii

Hope to see tons of videos specs and info coming E3 and all the other consoles

MariaHelFutura2263d ago

I'm excited to see what this thing is all about.

ChickeyCantor2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

"I dot see my self as a wii player "

...And the categories keep on growing...

BrunoM2262d ago

Well I did try at family members homes but there's something about it that never really give me
That felling I get from playing other games and other consoles .. But like I said good games came to it and I may have miss on some cus of not "getting in to it" but I hope the new wii the wii u .. Gives that felling of playing something next gen to me

Rampaged Death2263d ago

Journalists getting hands on with something they have had for 7 years.

MariaHelFutura2263d ago

Why don't we wait and see first what it is exactly... before we start throwing out those kinda claims. People in gaming need to start being a bit more positive.

cpayne932263d ago

I think humans are naturally cynics before anything else, quick to criticize. There have been a lot of negative articles hasn't there? It won't stop for quite a while. First we got the 3ds is doomed articles, now we're getting the Vita is doomed articles, then when wii u launches it will be doomed just the same.

And guess what articles will come out once the ps4 and nextbox arrive? You know what.

OT I can't wait to see what the wii u can do. I'm very interested in the gaming possibilities with that controller.

yabhero2262d ago

I sorry friend you obviously missed something. WiiU has only been announced last year and set for release this year. Not much is known except that the unfinished, still in development E3 kits. the Final versions maybe 3-5 times the power of PS3.

Foxgod2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I hope that the wii u its power will mark the return of a real mario again, that has an actual world space, instead of floating islands.

Mario galaxy was fun, but got tiring real quick, give us a new mario that plays like mario 64, minus the paintings, just make it full open world :)
For the first time, Mushroom kingdom, completely open and with not a single loading transition.

And while at it, i am still hoping for a smash kart brothers featuring megaman in a rush kart.
I am not so fond of smash brothers, and i would love to play a smash kart game instead.

camel_toad2263d ago

You left out world peace.

Foxgod2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

well they made smash brothers didnt they, might as well transition it to the kart genre.
I would love to be able to race with several N characters, and guest characters, and having atack items from several series.

And about an open world mario, the reason they didnt do it on the wii is due memory limitations, the Wii U should have less trouble with memory limitations.
The size shouldnt be a problem either, if they can model hyrule, they should be able to model the mushroom kingdom.

But k, i suppose there can be some transitioning, maybe they could design the next mario the way rage is designed, several large area's tied together by a loading transition.

For example, a doughnut plains area, a star stool area, a lava junction area. etch.
Then fill each area with things that have to be done before you can transit to the next area, and ofcourse, some secrets.

Foxgod2263d ago

That could work too, but i would prefer the feeling of mario world, where you transitioned from one area to the other after clearing a castle by defeating the boss.

I think large area's that transit into each other would give the mario world feeling, if you make each area unique.

a water area, desert area, snow area, etch.

bahabeast2263d ago

i really wana know more about this wii u, looks and sounds interesting. if its between 250-300 with good specs ad games ill mabe buy, thats if microsoft or sony dnt announce something new. i would have to save for the bigger boy :)

Foxgod2263d ago

The rumors where 250, but i think 300 is more likely, now that Nintendo supposedly made changes to the system to allow the usage of multiple pad controllers on one system.

swice2263d ago

My guess is $350. There was an article recently (can't find) where Reggie said it would be considerably more expensive than Wii. It's because of the controller. $350 would be a bit expensive, but not un-realistic

Foxgod2263d ago

They better keep it cheap tho, the next xbox is rumored to get a pad as well, and if the wii u doesnt offer a good price advantage, a lot of consumers will get the nextbox instead.

LoveMyKids2262d ago

Nintendo sucks big time.

bergoo2262d ago

I feel bad for your kids.

yabhero2262d ago

The TRUTH is... haters like ruining gaming. Therefore you suck.