Lollipop Chainsaw writer drops some sexy details about Juliet Starling

James Gunn talks about the history of Juliet Starling

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Kyosuke_Sanada2230d ago

Underrated Gem/ Fox News Field Day Incoming.........

hellvaguy2230d ago

Japanese devs sure have some wierd fanatasies.

AntoineDcoolette2230d ago

Surprise ending

She's a tranny!

Kyosuke_Sanada2230d ago

In this case, you mean futanari and yes your comment reinforced my pre-order....

jimmywolf2230d ago

had too look that word up -.- learn something new everyday.....

Instigator2230d ago

Zombies, cheerleaders and chainsaws from the mind of Suda 51 = Greatest. Thing. Ever!