Silent Hill Downpour Will Be Scarier then Resident Evil & Dead Space

On December 8th, Konami invited Gamerfitnation to an event at the Beats by Dre store in Soho to showcase new Silent Hill titles. GamerFitNation's BlackBible Interview's Silent Hill Producer Devin Shatsky who says "Silent isn't like Resident Evil or Dead Space..." Includes Video & Images.

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I really want to play this game. For me this would be my 1st time playing a Silent Hill Game Ever.

Snookies122383d ago

Same here man, this has me wanting to play it, yet I've never tried the Silent Hill series before now. I was looking into the ps2 ones, but have yet to try them.

Anyway, here's hoping it's scary as all hell. I miss the true horror genre games. Keep wishing RE will go back to its roots!

MaxXAttaxX2383d ago

I suggest you two get the Slient Hill HD Collection which includes SH2 and 3, the best ones IMO.

Army_of_Darkness2383d ago

Scarier than dead space?! Those are some mighty big words there partner!

Acquiescence2383d ago

The definitive survival-horror game. May I recommend getting a hold of the HD Collection, which hopefully will be coming out before Downpour.

Get a hold of Shattered Memories for the Wii at some point too. It's a 're-imagining' of the first game, but really they're nothing alike apart from names of the characters and locations. It's not particularly scary, but otherwise it's a really gripping game on the whole.

Seriously though...Silent Hill 2.

scrambles2383d ago

SILENT HILL 2 was so scary it was like having a a 60 lb blanket ontop of u held down with large stones kind of atmosphere. IT WAS AMAZING. Better than anything ive played in the past few years easily. It rivals bioshock in terms of atmosphere maybe passing it at times.

dark-hollow2383d ago

Sorry but you cant beat RE's 5 motorcycle riding zombies on broad daylight.

That sh1t is scary!

Virtual_Reality2383d ago

4:40 Anyone notice the Stare face position as the Konami Conference at E3?


Tdmd2382d ago

Yes, wtf was that? lol

gaden_malak2382d ago

Get the original Silent Hill. feckin brilliant.

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Pikajew2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

It won't be hard. Dead Space isn't scary. And I hate playing horror games because I hate getting scared.

Snookies122383d ago

Eh? Dead Space was pretty damn scary man, at least at night with all the lights off, crank up the sound for when things pop out at you. Especially on PC... o_o

scrambles2383d ago

Dead Space was scary in the sense that they jumped out at u every 10 seconds goin a boogy woogy woo. Old silent hills would scary u then leave u alone for 30 min while you freak yourself out cuz ur wondering when the game will strike then freak you out 8x more! Dead Space can excite and startle me but it cannot scare me.

Snookies122383d ago

Good point, maybe I should have used startle rather than scare. It wasn't anything psychological, but more along the lines of jump scares as you said.

Pikajew2383d ago

I played it on PC at night with no lights on. You know stuff will pop out and try to scare you and that's why it isn't scary because it's predictable, the envirment is creepy and that's about it.

jaymart2k2383d ago

Dead Space 1 was scary, but Dead Space 2 wasn't.

BuLLDoG9092383d ago

yeah, resi and dead space are all about doing the "cheap scares", where something will jump out of somewhere,
where as silenthill is more about psychological horror, mood and atmosphere, real fear

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aznrunner18812383d ago

Resident Evil isn't even a horror game at this point.

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