Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 83: José “JVB” Betancourt from the ECA, Post Game Report

If you hate the SOPA as much as we do, you should probably know more about the Entertainment Consumer’s Association (ECA). While you’re busy fragging noobs in Modern Warfare 3, this advocacy group is making sure your rights as gamers are not being trampled by corporations or the government. Remember the ”Video Games Are Art” Supreme Court decision a few months that protected video games under the 1st Amendment (Free speech, y’all)? ECA had a hand in that. So, with all the SOPA nonsense going on, I wanted to bring on a guest who could talk more intelligently about what’s going on with gaming law, and that person is long time indie gamer turned ECA community manager, Joe “JVB” Betancourt.

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