Reggie: Wii U news will be shared throughout the entire year

Nintendo of America president says that fans may not have to wait until June to get a new update on Wii U.

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Lulz_Boat2138d ago

pff, the console is fake. stop trolling us

Colwyn2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

No games for the wii u. They should just delay it till next year. I'm a gamer who likes new console releases but I don't care about the wii u for a second. To each his own,but Nintendo needs to release a powerful console with PROPER CONTROLLERS so they don't have to try to fix control issues after launch with add-ons. The wii u won't play dvd or blu rays, such rubbish. I can't wait for the new xbox and playstation consoles . They should change the name of the website where this article is from to "

Hisiru2138d ago

Don't you have a dvd player yet? Are you living in a rock?

Tanir2138d ago


Wii-U isn't a new console, its just 5 years late. same specs as current gen, no hard drive (wtf), craptastic controller, no games, no blu-ray player considering it labels itself new, and well.......yeeeeaaaah doesn't seem all that good except for the idea of an HD zelda :/

PopRocks3592138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )


Can you and people like you cut that out? The final specs have yet to be revealed. As for movie viewing, Nintendo has a good relationship with Netflix and damn near everything else plays DVD/Bluray. It requires neither. Do you seriously want them to charge you $600 for this thing?

Also it was confirmed a long-ass time ago that you had the option of using SD cards and external HDD. So please, enough with the untruths.

Colwyn2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

@ matey above

By that logic Nintendo should start omitting things like power cables and controllers because alot of people have them. The new consoles should be the centre of a persons entertainment centre so other than playing video games it should be able to access the net, play all media formats, stream data and all sorts.The wii u isnt out yet but I know the tech in it is outdated which is a logical guess going by their track record. How can there be a console announcement over 8 months ago but there isn't a single game to show, INSANITY.

Jejojaja2138d ago

Nintendo likes to keep things secret, (this should be common knowledge on a gaming website by now), I'm quite sure they'll do a total game blowout on E3-12.

And if you actually follow their home-console track record you will find out that Wii is the only underpowered system they have released.

PopRocks3592138d ago

Nintendo is smart enough to know that the average home has more than one entertainment device in their home at this point. You can buy a DVD player for less than $50 in a local Wal-mart. Why the hell would they ever go out and buy a WiiU for a supposed $350+ with a DVD player in mind?

No, you're getting HD Nintendo gaming with an abundance of control options, online connectivity, playing games on the controller without disturbing others, streaming, possible e-reading and other various apps.

I'm in it because I'm a core gamer who loves most, if not all of Nintendo's star franchises. Call me a fanboy if you must, but that's how I see it.

nyobzoo2138d ago

the entire year? so a winter release then

jacen1002138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

@ Tanir
who cares about an HDD? i dont HDD'S are a thing of the past and are not reliable and solid state is not afforadable, blu-ray? £10 in tesco's if u want one i want my console for gaming.
same spec as current gen? from what we are reading you are well off im afraid its allot more powerfull
and just wait till u see what games are shown at E3 this year i think there gonna be allot of people eat there words lol, this has the potential to be the biggest lineup of games on release in colsole history

PopRocks3592137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Don't bother with it. I remember reading numerous times that WiiU would support SD cards AND HDDs. In fact, here's an article to prove it.

Forget the nay-sayers; stick to the facts I say.

jacen1002137d ago

yes external hdd's is the way to go along with sd, also usb storage can be used, there is no need for internal hdd's at all in the console