Reggie: We don't care what the gaming competitors are doing

When asked if the Wii U will be able to compete with Sony and Microsoft's next round of consoles, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime responded by saying that Nintendo doesn't care about their gaming competitors.

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GraveLord2049d ago

yes they do care that's why they're playing catch-up.

Army_of_Darkness2049d ago

And bang! Cocky son of a biatch! Lol! Sony acted like that and look what happened to them this gen!! Don't get me wrong though, I love Sony, but not when they over price shit and think they on top of the world.
Anyhow, I don't think Nintendo will be as fortunate next gen.

ronin4life2049d ago

One gen? The nes and snes never happened?

Army_of_Darkness2049d ago

As primitive as their hardware was, Nintendo still sold shit loads of consoles over the competition even when they lacked good software support which is why I doubt it will happen next gen. As for the nes and super Nintendo, they didn't luck out because they were actually awesome consoles with a great line up of software to back them up. Understand what I'm getting at?

bwazy2049d ago

How did they over price their products?

When the PS3 released it was what? 600 bucks tops? Where as a stand alone bluray player was well over a thousand.

They did the same with the PS2 and the DVD player.

xCaptainAmazing2049d ago

Nintendo is like honey badger and never gave a shit in the first place.

Young_ART2049d ago

when did sony act like a "cocky s.o.b"????
FYI when the ps3 released it was not "overpriced" yes it was pricey, but for everything you were getting in the launch systems at that time, you were paying way less than what it was actually worse, hence the fact that they were losing money despite the fact that systems were selling.

miyamoto2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

If Nintendo does not care about what others are doing then why the hell does that Wii U controller looks like a freaking white iPad with buttons?! Doesn't the white PS Vita looks just like that too?
And this words are coming from a CEO who admitted that he does not play Nintendo games! Now how can anyone trust his claims?

Kurt Russell2049d ago

I think Nintendo will do fine as they've a great brand. It might be aimed at younger people for the mostg part, but I bet those little people have had just as much fun as I did when I was a kid with my NES/Snes.

Personally I missed the Wii this time, but I may be tempted with the Wii U just because I miss their great platformers.

And @ Young_ART

When the PS3 was announced Sony were very cocky with their unhackable super machine. Yeah the console is great, but you can't deny that when announced it was a little too bold.

SkyGamer2049d ago

Ahem... How about sony slamming Nintendo on the DS saying the psp was the best and to get people out of the "gaming ghetto". We all know how this story turns out. Kind of like Thunderbird and Corvette.

How about ken k saying that people would want to work extra hours to get the ps3. Clearly not everyone he imagined thought like he did.

There are a bunch of others but I'll leave it there.

RyuCloudStrife2048d ago

hmmm what happened to them this gen?

PS3 already passed xbox and if not its only a couple hundred thousand behind and the xbox had a YEAR head start... The wii sold so many because at launch it costed about as much as the PS3 costs now $250.

So what happened to Sony this gen? They have an allstar line up, the most exclusives, the best developers, the most powerful gaming machine and so on...

WHAT THE F*** HAPPENED TO SONY THIS GEN??????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????

SilentNegotiator2048d ago

I guess if they did care, they'd have a better online service, multiple controller support, much more diverse first party titles, wouldn't lack NATIVE 1080p games (Nintendo wouldn't confirm native 1080p with Geoff waving a gun at them - I call that confirmation), and wouldn't show 360/ps3 footage of games at E3 (no wait, they DID that last one).

I disagree with Nintendo "getting lucky", though. The Wii had everything it needed for success; a low entry fee, the widest appeal scope, "easy" controls (once you got used to getting the stinkin' thing to register your wiimote as pointing towards the screen)....
And really, it's not like a console HAS to have weak online and lack a significant amount of core games to be like this. Look at the Ps2. It pretty much had all of those things and (even higher) success, but it was its library was full of titles that weren't made to also accommodate seniors, new comers, and 5 year olds.

Nintendo SHOULD care about some of what they're doing. The ps3/360 have MUCH stronger 3rd party support, higher game attachment rates, better online sales, etc. If they want to top Wii's success with WiiU (or even match it), they need to adopt some of the things Sony/Microsoft do.

moparful992048d ago

I was a huge nintendo fan in the days of the NES and SNES on through the 64.. Why? Because nobody anywhere could touch the level of quality games that they routinely pumped out and they had the third party on lock..

They became arrogant and cocky even leaving Sony with the pieces from a broken partneship thinking they wouldn't make it.. Instead they strengthened the resolve of one of the best manufacturing companies in the world..

So the PS1 was born, which coupled with the best catalog of first, second, and third party games whent on to own the world.. Sony repeated that home run with the ps2...

So like nintendo, sony was feeling on top of the world.. They undoubtedly made one of the most feature packed, solid consoles ever seen but they missteped with thinking that everyone would buy ps3's in droves just because it's sony... This economy has made consumers very rediscent to spend that much money, especially when the launch catalog was weak..

But sony being the company they are managed to drive costs down, while improving performance and eventually pumping out yet again the best catalog of games available on any platform... But despite all of that nintendo found success by striking out into a new market of casual gamers who eat up the wii despite a shortage of AAA core titles.

Now all of a sudden nintendo thinks they own the world.. I could care less, they struck out in a new direction and I pray that sony doesnt become enviable of nintendo and begin to concentrate on the casual market.. Nothing nintendo makes these days has any appeal to me whatsoever..

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gamingdroid2049d ago

I don't see that being cocky at all. It actually drives home their strategy all along.

Is the unique features of the Wii, Wii-U or 3DS following the trends of the competition or innovation?

It clearly is innovation, and Nintendo by far is the company ahead of all others. That said, I'm curious about the Wii U.... what is it's online strategy?

-Alpha2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

I agree, the title makes it sound like something more arrogant than is the case.

Nintendo simply does things differently and does not follow their competitors in the traditional sense, that is all they are saying. They aren't after the same market and are doing things in an alternative manner.

DragonKnight2049d ago

It actually is cockiness though. For one, I don't believe for a second what Reggie says. The gaming industry is VERY competitive, and Nintendo would be foolish to completely disregard what Sony and MS are doing. But also, this subtle arrogance is most assuredly based on the numbers of Wii consoles sold and the assumption they can make lightning strike twice with essentially the same thing. Casual gamers by nature won't buy a WiiU if the only real difference is graphics and a controller.

Core gamers likely won't buy WiiU for the same reason ironically.

But this is all assumption. I still think it's arrogance.

-Alpha2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

^ I don't think it's arrogance because he isn't talking down the competition, he is simply stating that Nintendo has a completely different mindset. They are the other side of the same coin, but they aren't traditionally the same as a 360 or PS3, nor do they seem to want to be.

Now, surely Nintendo can and does learn from the competition, but the product they have is dependent on their own strategies, more so than Sony vs MS

N4g_null2049d ago

You are so right. To clarify this is what they have always done, focus on game play experience not hype or other marketing tricks like extra "feature". If you notice all feature are for gaming purposes only. Watch how weak Sony is if they do not have another media format to jump start sales.

The reason for the wii sales was because people like playing the games. With the ps3 and Xbox people tend to like watching these games. The only hook they really have is letting the gaming community find a reason online to keep playing.

If you guys where really trying out nintendos new engines and game play you would see they have every thing they need to do he gaming way better simply from a game play standard. The reason why these games are rehashed with out a need for online play is because the game play has been perfected to a point of addiction. It's not the graphics or story but how and why you play.

I know online is important to a lot of gamers but many of you ignored the good wii games yet now you won't have too many excuses any more. Last story, x blade, and pandora tower are very dark games with very strong game play components that will be much like killzone and uncharted for Nintendo. Also we will see grasshopper hd games and treasure hd games along with a Mario galaxy etc made with no limits almost.

A little dirty secret is the wiiu is going to make development faster simply because it has the power to do what games need right out of the box. No tweaking, secret sauce. Just a bunch of do.

Hype is a marketing trick. Bad mouthing ends when you have the gear in front of you with the art and game play. That is the wii effect.

moparful992048d ago

You might not see it as cockiness but it is.. Nintendo has a history of cockiness and that got them in trouble with the core gamers..

You say that they march to the beat of their own drum yet when announcing the WII U they were trumpeting how the wii is much more powerful then the ps3 and the 360.. If they weren't so worried about sony or microsoft then why are they pushing hd and specs all of a sudden?? They didn's seem to care about hd with the wii.

Their online is atrocious(friend codes. WTF?) Heck they had to release an add on attachement to fix the jumpy, innacurate motion controls.. But of course you convienently turn a blind eye to those problems...

@Gamingdroid You say their innovation is far ahead of other companies but provide nothing to back that claim up.. Motion controls? Sony had been working on that since the begining of the ps2 era. Online? microsoft gets credit for that despite the ps2's efforts. HD? sony takes that one. Hard drives? again microsoft. Digital content? Microsoft and sony are both at the forefront in that area. Nintendo hasnt had an original ideas worthwhile since the 64.. I invite you to dispute my claims but you know I am right.. BTW don't say 3d, sony is one of the biggest proponents of 3d.. Sony even the largest manufacturer of 3d cinema and tv cameras..

gamingdroid2048d ago


I'm talking about innovation that has an impact. It's meaningless to have "innovation" in a lab if it never sees the light of day and even more so when applied to grand ideas as many companies undoubtedly do all forms of research they don't tell you.

In light of that:

* 3D: Sony is a big supporter, but by no means the only one.

* Motion Control: Nintendo by far popularized that.

* Online Networks: MS popularized that on consoles by far, but it exist on PC and on Dreamcast.

* HD: I don't see how Sony takes that one, when MS was the first to introduce HD capable console to the greater market. That said, it really isn't innovative, more natural progression. If Sony or MS didn't do it, Nintendo eventually would.

* Hard drive: MS, but I see it more as a natural progression (more than innovation) from memory card.

* Digital Content: Hardly new idea (and therefore not really innovative in the grand scheme of things), but certainly MS was at the forefront.

However, I consider Nintendo a very much a disruptor and innovator. All their devices are very unique and always provides very unique game play mechanics. The DS with touch screen and dual screens way before that was the norm. The 3DS, a first for a handheld. Even Sony didn't follow. The Wii and now the Wii-U. Heck even the history of the game controller, Nintendo by far is the only one that constantly changes it.

***I invite you to dispute my claims but you know I am right..***

You can never win an argument with someone that isn't even open to a discussion.

That is what fanboys tend to do....

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StanSmith2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )


Move & Kinect say hello! Nintendo are focusing on their own business rather than worring what the competitors are doing.

This is something both Nintendo and Sony can be praised for. They focus on where they make their money. While Sony looked to make an impact with Move, it is far from their main focus. When you worry too much about what others are doing, you lose focus. *cough, Microsoft, cough.*


I suggest you re-read what i said. I said Sony looked to make an impact. I never said Move made any impact.

Microsoft has lost focus. I purchased an Xbox to play games. Exclusive games. Not Kinect repeated fitness games. Not to use it as an Cable-box. It was first & foremost a "hardcore" games console. Not anymore.

The Wii is in decline? So what? WiiU is due this year!

Sony is stagnent? Are you serious? That's why they're close to overtaking MS in sales even with Microsofts lead. Microsoft is stuffed next gen. More people are moving to PS3 because it is the only place to get high quality HD exclusive games now.

gamingdroid2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )


So MS focuses on pushing new things to consoles, they are losing focus. When Sony follows Nintendo with PS Move, it is attempting to make an impact.

Regardless of your flaw in logic, what "impact" has PS Move actually made?

***They focus on where they make their money.***

Ironically, MS is focusing on where they are making money and that is on the casual market. Why do you think Wii is in decline and Sony is in basically stagnation?

Jobesy2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

@gamingdroid, Sony never stopped releasing core games. Core games have always been #1 for Sony. Can MS say the same?

And Sony is in anything but stagnation. Their YOY sales keep increasing since the PS3 released, every year they keep bringing AAA title after AAA title. They just released a monster of a handheld with great launch lineup...But yeah, they're stagnant : |

Objective2049d ago Show
StanSmith2049d ago


Try reading what i said again. I didn't praise Move. (For the record, Home is a waste of resources too).

Let me break this down for people as it seems N4G has a high amount of people who can't read.

Sony came into this Gen focused on the hardcore. They are still focused on the hardcore.

Nintendo entered this Gen with a focus on having the Wii being accessible to all kinds of players and they still are doing that.

Microsoft entered this Gen focused on the Hardcore. Here we are, a few years later, and they have abandoned the core in favour of crappy fitness and children's games on kinect. Two or three exclusives a year doesn't cut it after the amount of exclusives at the beginning of this Gen from MS. Sorry but getting Exclusives on DLC does not cut it.

So yes, Microsoft have lost focus. Sony & Nintendo never abandoned any market from the beginning of this gen. Microsoft did. I don't play fanboy games on here. I own all three. I'm just saying what i see.

Why o why2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Mario i agree with what your saying 100 but some people feel that multis are the main thing now... They point to how cod is the biggest selling game on the ps, they point to how having all of those exclusives hasnt helped sony move ahead of ms. They say 8month gaps in exclusives are ok. It used to be so different but i guess thats what happenes when the shoes on the other foot. None of these manufacturers are perfect but one has definitely switched focus but to be fair some of their fans are fine with the slim pickings in exclusives because some actually like more kinect games being announced than core especially when theres multis for ms to rely on.. I definitely have issues with that but thats me. Nintendo have been consistant throughout this gen then sony then ms. You compare the 360s first year to now and theres a much bigger diffence than the other 2 imo.

SkyGamer2049d ago

I know that there aren't many exclusives for X360 Now. Maybe that is ramping up support for the Next Box. Who knows. Think of it this way. How did ps2 become so successful? Was it because it was a well made system? No. I've been through 45 ps2's. Over 90 percent the dvd player part went bad. Then talk about ps1 games no longer working. I still had ps2 because of the games. Not first party games but third party games.

Now think of this business strategy. Why make a slew of first party games that barely sell with some selling a couple mil, still have to account for all the dev costs for all the games, or let third partty make the games while you have no liability and still make buttloads of cash? MS thinking overall global market, yes it sucks for us core people. Even as a core gamer, how many games do we buy? How many of them are used? Now how many casual out there that will pay for online microtransactions? Entertainment? Just a thought.

We want core, we need to buy the games.

Why o why2048d ago

at sky gamer. if we make excuses for any of these multi billion x company's then we're asking to be taken advantage of even more next gen than this one. We're gamers and they should provide for us as well as their shareholders. ms make k killing off live and what not so surely they can provide a little more than they do. Yes the casuals are important and theres more of them so i understand why ms wants in but is it really too much to put our wants first by wanting more.

You mentioned ms may be ramping up for next gen. Who are they ramping up with. most of their few studios are more casual than core so where are these next next gen games coming from. Throwing money at devs early on and the head start worked but if the consoles release within a few weeks or months what happens then. multis will always be there but i feel some not all but some have seen ms tactic of doing a lot to get fans they switching to doing just enough as a shallow tactic. why boast about all that money then provide less back than those who are supposedly making less and releasing more games that only sell x y or z

moparful992048d ago

@gamingdroid I know that you like to think of the move as a failure but attach rates for a mostly casual device on a "core" focused system were never going to be world beating.. The kinect is capitalizing on the causals appeal for the "NEXT BIG THING" gimmick.. Microsoft has turned its collective back on the very people who allowed them to survive the sony onslaught.. Microsoft proclaimed how "Xbox 360 is the entertainment destination for the core gamer" then they turn around and release 2 AAA titles 8 months apart and push kinect shovelware down our throats... Its plain as day that microsoft cares not for their fanbase but rather who has the most money in their pockets... Sony, despite a huge deficit and small catalog of exclusives has managed to come storming back and closed the WW gap and are in position to overtake microsoft. They have delivered YoY with the best exclusives lineup and continually increasing value.. Sony has far from stagnated..

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Bundi2049d ago

Catch up? Whatcha talkin bout Willis?
Lets not get cocky Ninty, lets not go the "next generation doesn't start until wii say so" route.
Man, thinking back on it, those SONY bigwigs must have been on a really big HIGH off of PS2 success. Can you imagine the arrogance it takes to say something so insulting to the competition? But oh how the mighty have fallen. *cackle*

metsgaming2049d ago

With the media's definition of gaming competitors then yes Nintendo does care, alot. Thats why the wiiu controller looks like a tablet with buttons on it.

metsgaming2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

to the disagrees, you really dont think Nintendo is doing this to capitalize on the rising popularity of tablets? come on now of course they are. So if the tablets take over like the media wants this will be the only real gaming option to survive lol

edit: Well they said you can turn of the tv and use it like at tablet, with real controls. Which i find is 1 million times better than tablets. I really think this can convert tablet people because its so similar but this has actual controls and real games and i believe Nintendo thinks this aswell. Yea it can be used like a 3ds/ds but i think they should try and focus more on the idea above more it will win over people.

StanSmith2049d ago

I'll be honest, i disagreed. Only because when i look at the WiiU, i see it as an extention of the DS/3DS. It looks like it is trying to bring the features of the DS to the Home Consoles. I don't see it as a reaction to tablets at all.

TruthSeeker2049d ago

"We don't care what the gaming competitors are doing" #bullshit