PlayStation Store Global Update – January 10, 2012

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday and Wednesday to keep up to date with each week's PlayStation Store Update.

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cervantes2402261d ago

That Crysis PS+ discount sounds pretty awesome.

Army_of_Darkness2261d ago

How the psn store updates suck ass now... Unless you have a psn+ subscription, your getting the shit end of the stick now. Oh well, at least I still get free online. Lol! Even though I dont really play multiplayer games.... Soon psn+!! Soon!!

Megaman_nerd2261d ago

How they suck? What is so different from back then compared to now? In fact, we been getting more demos and overall content now than before. I remember a few years ago we were lucky if we received 3 demos in an entire month!

Beside, PSN+ is just discounts, apart from that nothing else is "exclusive" to them. The key-word here "DISCOUNTS".

Ulf2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Umm, Crysis for $10.49 this week, for PSN+. That's nearly 10% the annual cost of the service, right there, and its only 1 of many items, in 1 week of 52.

Knocking PSN+ is ridiculous. It's an *amazing* deal. If you missed out on Deathspank, and loads of other titles... 30% discount this week. You get Qore for free, every month, as well, etc. etc.

Even the regular updates rock -- FF: Origins this week? $10 for updated versions of both FF1 & FF2? Way cheaper than you can get it anywhere else, and better versions, too (Nintendo store, has the original, much lower quality, NES versions, for $6 each).

Soldierone2261d ago

Activated a free trial just so I could buy it haha

PLAYER50952261d ago

how do u activate a free trial???

doctorstrange2261d ago

To see what Asura's Wrath is like

ftwrthtx2261d ago

I've never played a boxing game on my PSP. Might have to give Fight Night Round 3 a try for only 10 bucks.

JonnyBigBoss2261d ago

Ginal Fantasy here I cume.

Megaman_nerd2261d ago

I'm gonna buy Final Fantasy Origins right now but where's FFIV anyway?

knifefight2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

It came out for PSP, the hands-down best version of all time ^_^

I might be wrong, but I think you can download it via PSN even if you don't have a PSP.

With all the huuuge lag that was on the PSX version, ugh, I would not be able to STAND playing a PSOne Classic version of that game, especially since I've played the superior versions on GBA, DS, and most recently PSP. Even the original SNES version is better than what came to the PSX.

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