Star Studded 3DS February Could Derail PlayStation Vita

Chris Buffa (Modojo): By all accounts, Sony has created quite the launch lineup for PlayStation Vita. Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Escape Plan, FIFA Soccer, Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3...all potential must haves.

That said, Nintendo has every intention of disrupting the system's highly anticipated arrival with a plethora of high profile 3DS games that may convince interested shoppers to focus their attention (and wallets) on the dual screen handheld.

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dedicatedtogamers2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Wait, so let's examine the 3DS's February lineup:

- MGS3 port. A port. A game that has never resonated with the core Nintendo fanbase. Ocarina 3DS couldn't sell in droves, and we expect THIS to?

- Tales of the Abyss. Perhaps popular in Japan, but here, it barely managed to sell on the friggin' PS2. People expect a port of a poorly-selling PS2 game to be a hit?

- Tekken 3D. Right, because Street Fighter IV 3DS and Dead or Alive 3D really set the charts on fire...

- Resident Evil: Revelations. Perhaps the ONLY potential hit here, and even that is a long shot.

Colwyn2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Ps vita line-up in the western market is better than nes 3ds in February. I know the vita will see great success this year that'll rival 3ds. I say this year will be vitas as a handheld. Why would a sane person get mgs 3 on 3ds when a superior version will be on the vita later on in the year. I know its a port of a long time released game which people can continue waiting on till the better version is out.

It's another playing field now with 3ds and vita. The vita can dance and sing like the 3ds but the vita does it all better and is able to do way more

yabhero2291d ago

I've seen you around N4G a lot and determined you're a hater. The Vita line-up in the Western Market is good. The Vita will have success the year. However considering the 3DS already has a fan base 11 million strong. Superior version? The only superior thing is that the Vita version is HD. It's just the HD collection. Honestly I rather play Metal Gear in 3D than HD. Your stupid comment about people's sanity is, well stupid. Not everyone is going to have a Vita. Also some peopel would also like to replay the old games in 3D rather than HD. This is likely not the year of the Vita. The Vita's price will not help it in the US. I don't know if you live here (or on Earth 4 that matter) but the Vita already has several advantages. Namely having 12 million people who own the device already and a HUGE price advantage. See With 350 dollar you can buy a Vita with a game a 4GB mem card, or just a Vita and a game. With 350 dollars you can buy a 200 dollar 3DS bundle with a game like Ocarina of Time or MarioLand. Then you could buy THREE extra games and the Circle Pad Pro and still have ten buck left for the eShop. Did I mention that the 3DS comes with almost 4 gb of space for FREE. (1.5 built in and 2 with free SD)

MariaHelFutura2291d ago

This sh!t is getting silly.

Bundi2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Bookmark this comment section. When vita releases and has a bad start, the same people saying 3ds february line up isn't going to dent Vita, are the same people that are going to be excusing vita's sales by saying its because 3DS has x game.
Today: ha ha ha a metal gear PORT?? Come on, not a chance!!
February: Come on! Against a METAL GEAR port??!! Ha! It didn't have a chance.
Exhibit A: notice how one guy says Monster Hunter on 3DS has done nothing to stop VITA. Today Monster Hunter on 3DS is blamed for Vita sales. It is hilarious I tell you

dark-hollow2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

I love how people downplay ports on 3ds but almost burst from happiness when square announced FFX for vita.

MrWiggle2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Two reasons

It' gives them hope that there could be a FF7 remake in the future since there doing FFX even though it's been stated a FFX is easier

and FFX is a full remake while MGS is basicaly a fancy looking HD port with an added 3D effect bonus.


I know right, plus the guy has like five bubbles, how does that work.

dark-hollow2291d ago

ocarina of time was a full remake too.
So is star fox 64.

ronin4life2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Ffx is an hd port, not a remake.
Mgs 3ds IS a "remake"(according to kojima) with better controls(crouch walking) and new features.
I know. I was in the ffx announcement comment section on n4g at tgs. The vibe I got was like walking through a festival street, while the comments for the Mh3G/Mh4 announcement was like a disgruntled union walkout...

cpayne932291d ago

When is the hd collection going to be available for Vita? If it arrives in february, it would really blow mgs 3d out of the water.

TheDivine2291d ago

Not for me and other huge mgs fans. Mgs3 is the best one and its redisigned to play like peace walker and hopefully has alot of new content not to mention its in 3d. I already have mgs collection on ps3, i want a new game or a remake. People like my bro who missed mgs3 will also grab it. I showed him footage and he's getting it day 1 with me.

Theres no way to spin this, its a KILLER lineup. Revelations especially. Everyone hates the new actiony re's and revelations is the return to the classic survival horror. It looks amazing. Dont discount tales either, ds/3ds fans are huge rpg fans. This will do really well and im getting it day 1 also.

Vita has the benifit of hype by bieng a new system but the only big launch game is uncharted which isnt a system seller like resident evil, ff, or mario is. It will do fine but il get one down the road because il be busy with my 3ds at the time. I think alot of people are doing the wait and see.

ozstar2291d ago

"Vita has the benefit of hype by being a new system" and that helped a lot over Christmas in Japan didn't it?

Im sorry, but anyone who doesn't think people are second guessing their pre-orders on their Vita's, after the lackluster opening in Japan, and potential drop in third-party support, is a lunatic.

dedicatedtogamers2291d ago

If nothing else, it should be quite obvious that the media has it out for Sony. People have (apparently) forgotten how badly the media treated the PS3, but now we have a repeat of history with the Vita.

ronin4life2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

The ps3 was overpriced with few games. There was no conspiracy.
Furthermore, People have (apparently) forgotten how badly the media treated the 3ds, but now we have a repeat of history with the Vita.
...See what I did there?

pain777pas2291d ago

Here is the thing. Resident Evil Revelations is the most compelling title of them all for 3DS. I'm older so I know that the Vita is for me. Tekken 3D looks great however is it going to be much better than Tekken 5DR or Tekken 6 for the PSP. Gameplay wise I doubt they will do anything new aside from Tekken 6BR. Tekken 5DR sadly is the better game to me. MGS3 would be foolish to pass up however if the Vita compilation release date is announced there goes that reason. Tales of the Abyss is a port of the PS2 game. A great PS2 game but early previews put the game behind the PS2 for various reasons but this game is PORTABLE so scratch that. Vita has GR, U:GA, UMVC, Wipeout, MDR:RT, Lumines...... the list is stellar and goes on. Hidden gems like Fifa (believe it or not), Virtua tennis and Hot shots are there too. Plus on the port side along with UMVC3 is Ninja Gaiden Sigma plus which is awesome and will look awesome. Vita has absolutely nothing to worry about .... let me not forget the other games that will suprise us that we might like Escape plan and get ready for it little deviants.

ronin4life2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

But unlike the vita in February, the 3ds also has a years worth of games for potential first purchasers. If you have a choice (meaning you are undecided and could go either way.) between 3ds and vita, the 3ds has more games at the time of the vitas launch and is cheaper, without requiring additional purchases.
@pain remember, these February 3ds games aren't the only 3ds games that will be on store shelves at the vitas launch.

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Bioshocking2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Huh.... perhaps Nintendo is trying to screw Sony over.

I mean when the Vita released they released Monster Hunter 3ds which sparked the 3DS sales in Japan

and now... they are releasing Resident evil and MGS... two titles that resonate very well with gamers here in the west...

The Nintendo conspiracy....

Although... Im not buying MGS3D.... I will wait for the vita version of the MGS HD collection...

To me, 3d is a gimmick....

This is all James Camerons fault

metsgaming2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

the way James Cameron does 3d its not a gimmick, the way other people do, it is a gimmick most of the time.

PirateThom2291d ago

Avatar was a pretty meh film though saved only by the graphics and 3D... making it a gimmick.

Abash2292d ago

Buffa, stop making so many anti-Vita articles. You're going beyond overboard with it

GraveLord2291d ago

True. This guys is seriously anti-Sony.

metsgaming2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

again HHG gets banned but this site is still here oh N4G. I guess if sites got banned when they should, there wouldnt be many on here hahaha

Ulf2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

LoL. Whatever @ article.

The 3DS upcoming list is STILL not decent, and devs have had *plenty* of opportunity to take advantage of it.

They aren't coming to the 3DS yet, either. Apparently, the investment to make a 3DS game ($3M-$10M) isn't worth it, relative to the investment to make a DS game ($0.5M-$3M), especially given the VAST marketshare disparity.

All those little devs... the ones that can't swing a contract for more than $1M-$2M, have moved on to making phone games. The casual 3DS market doesn't exist, and the casual DS market was what made the console so frickin' popular in the first place. Welcome to PSP-sized budgets, Nintendo.

Godchild10202291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

I will be getting Resident Evil Revelations, but I will also get the First Edition Vita and a few games for it at launch.

The only thing that is going to put a slight damper on the vita launch is the new IPs, Reboots, HD collections and part 2s/3s of other games that are coming out that month.

I play to spend close to a thousand dollars just on the vita and games alone that month, thanks to income tax.

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