NextBox CES No-Show: Putting Perspective On Rumours

VG247- "At the time of writing, the idea that Microsoft will announce its next generation Xbox this year is transitioning from occasional rumour into expected fact. To illustrate just how easily rumours can get sucked up by the internet, the games world watched last night as Microsoft, inevitably, didn’t say a single word about its next-gen plans at CES, despite a solid rumour from Xboxygen sources late last year that the machine would be mentioned in some form at the show.

This comes in the same week as MCV boldly predicted, based on details from “third-party publishing sources,” that “both the Xbox 360 successor and a follow up to the PS3 will be shown at E3 2012.”

These stories are the latest in a string of light rumours in 2011 about the next console generation, some of which even claimed the next Xbox would release in 2012. We’ve already said why the idea of Microsoft shipping another machine this year is simply silly, but it’s important at this point to be wary of the ex...

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zeal0us2138d ago

I felt bad for those who thought M$ would leave CES with a BANG! b/c it didn't happen. Really a new xbox this early? Some of us seen this coming.

iamnsuperman2138d ago

Of course it wasn't going to happen its just not what CES is for they have E3 for that. The only reason this rumour came about is because people believe this generation is coming to an end and so when they see a name like Sony or Microsoft, even though they are not just a company that makes gaming products, doing a conference their heads explode.

a_bro2138d ago

a new xbox will be shown when MS thinks its time to show it.

I for one though believe that they will show it at E3 this year along side sony.