Next Xbox, PS4 already have a leg up on Wii U

"GameSpot survey reveals level of interest in upcoming systems as well as what features are most important.

Only 13 percent of surveyed GameSpotters think they'll buy Nintendo's next console, but unannounced next-gen systems from Microsoft and Sony top Wii U in purchase intent by a nearly 3:1 margin.

Nintendo has revealed next to nothing about the Wii U outside of its tablet-like controller. But as far as gamers are concerned, it may have been better for the Mario maker if it had shown nothing at all. "

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BSigel812107d ago

Though I could care less about which company wins, it is all about the games. If Company A makes more games than Company B or C then that company will have more positive support from its fanbase. It would be foolish of Microsoft or Sony to not take note of what Nintendo is doing and try to triumph their new system. This is a survey, many things come into play such as bias from the voters and if that voter will have money in their pockets to buy either system. In the end, opinions maybe swayed based on what each company offers in terms of games.

gypsygib2107d ago

I'll have no use for a next-gen Xbox unless multiplats look better on it. Bungie-less Halo isn't enough.

Relientk772107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Next-gen console feature--percent of respondents saying it is "very important" or "somewhat important"
Backward compatibility--83%

You see that Sony, make the PS4 play PS3, PS2, and PS1 games. As a PlayStation gamer that is what I want. Also to keep the Dualshock controller because its my favorite video game controller.

christheredhead2107d ago

Backwards compatibility is a high priority for me. I enjoy playing my older games all the way back to NES. Moving forward, its just more functional when the system offers that option. If those features are removed for cost than I understand, but I hate having so many consoles lying around. One tv already has 5 systems hooked up to it and I'll possibly have to buy a 6th once wiiu comes around and removes gamecube functionality. Maintenance and upkeep it starting to get expensive just to play the games I already own.

hellvaguy2107d ago

The newer model ps3 arent even backward compatible, so with a ps4 having new/updated hardware, there isnt much chance it will be backward compatible.

Tonester9252107d ago

Of course Ps4 and next Xbox would have a leg up. They're suppose to be next-gen. WiiU is just getting to the HD era. Late but still worth it.

gypsygib2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

I don't see why BC is so important, why don't people just play on their existing consoles if they want to play previous(this)-gen games.

Most of them will be too excited about new releases to care about older tittles anyways. How often do people play Xbox 1 games on their 360s? Probably almost never.

Or would they rather sell their old consoles for 40 bucks at Gamestop.

I don't think people really know what they want.

christheredhead2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Im sure most gamers this day and age could care less about playing older games. For me, its more about the ability, means and preservation of gaming than just moving on to the next "best" system. I always try and keep my existing consoles for when B/C is removed, but as I stated above I have a tv with 6 consoles hooked up and another with 5. Its a bit extravagant, but the only functional way I can play the games I own.

If ps4 decides to remove ps3 compatibility than fine, understandable. I'll just have to keep my ps3. I dont want 75+ games to become "unplayable" just because were progressing tech.

Venjense2107d ago

It's a good thing for Nintendo the majority of gaming consumers don't spend much time on gaming sites so it's probably not a representative sample.

If you polled N4G what was the worst console and lamest FPS game this gen you'd probably have the majority of people say Wii and COD (incidentally, both the most popular).

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