"Gears of War raised the bar" - Evan Wells, Naughty Dog - Interview with D+PAD Magazine

In an interesting interview with D+PAD Magazine Evan Wells, Co-President of Naughty Dog explains that Gears of War raised the bar for what they were trying to achieve with Uncharted, why Jak & Daxter wasn't the first title Naughty Dog made for PS3,and what life was like once Crash Bandicoot was sold.

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Nicosia3935d ago

yeah it true the controls seems to be the same, but just a little better in drake.

ruibing3935d ago

Obviously good developers would play good games and get ideas that way. I just hope they will get some ideas from how Syphon Filter does aiming for their Uncharted sequel.

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boodybandit3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. So Epic should be extremely proud when they get a chance to play Uncharted. Thing is since I started playing Uncharted I actually dusted off my Gears Disc and started playing that again as well for comparisons. Both games are exceptional.

As much as I want a new Jak and Dexter from Naughty Dog I couldn't be happier that they made Uncharted 1st. I haven't stopped playing the game since I picked it up a couple days ago. The game is brilliant but anyone that has played a Naughty Dog game before expects nothing less.

Now get on with a new J&D game Naughty Dog.

Ok. Why am I suprised that I already have 2 disagrees even though I praised both Uncharted and Gears? You would think I should know better than try to be middle of the road when it's the "US vs. THEM" mentality on here. Sorry "boys", and I do mean BOYS, I like to have options and I don't have an allegiance to a piece of hardware.

HowarthsNJ3935d ago

Although they don't get much credit for the shooting and cover mechanics.

Gears gets the credit for bringing the combo together and Uncharted tweaks it a bit more.

Any 3rd person shooter from here on that fails to do as well will get slammed severely for it and rightly so.

I'm interested in seeing how FPS's like KZ2 will handle it and hope Resistance 2 adds it in as well.

actas1233935d ago

Great news for all gamers. Competition is always good for all of us.

tony3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

i think most of the game developers aren't wasting their time being on a flaming war like fanboys are.

wolfehound223935d ago

Bubbles for you. Agree completly if more people would just enjoy the games and not b!tch about them. Everyone would realize what a great gaming period we live in with three great systems with AAA games out the @ss. Just enjoy games people thats what they were ment to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.