20 Sides of Nerd Episode 45 – Undisclosed Location

We’ll keep this one short and simple for the sake of all our lives in this hectic part of the year. You might be thinking to yourself, “Wait, did they jump from 43 to 45?” Yes, you’d be right. Episode 44 starring Tim Fields from Certain Affinity has been delayed. We could blame a combined assault by Krampus and other evil 2011-based spirits, but the truth is much more mundane. We’ll address it when episode 44 actually goes live. Our last episode of our inaugural season is here for you to listen to! Guest starring Mr. Meyagi and Leetum, broadcasting from an undisclosed location, we cover the Penny Arcade/Ocean Marketing drama, a nephew’s terrible Best Buy trade-in experience, the “new” Wii lack of Gamecube controller plugs, and Draeno’s and our guests’ thoughts on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hope you’re having an excellent 2012 so far!

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