Exclusive Vita Screens – Shinobido 2: The Revenge of Zen

"Later this week, PlayStation LifeStyle will bring you an exclusive review of Acquire and Namco Bandai’s Shinobido 2: The Revenge of Zen. Before we get to that, I’ve been going around doing some screenshot hunting, so enjoy the gallery below, from my screen to yours." - Heath Hindman, PSLS

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cervantes2402049d ago

ACQUIRE is developing this game, in addition to Sumioni. I think they're going to be a developer to watch on Vita.

T3mpr1x2049d ago

Played this at E3. Was nothing special, to be honest.

knifefight2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

A demo can get you nowhere near the full experience of this game. You probably just played 1 or 2 small, very easy stages, am I correct?

The alchemy system, warlord faction system, multiple story paths, huuuuge variety of ninja tools, and absolute necessity for steal (especially after the first 6 or 7 hours of the game) make it a must-play for anyone who likes Tenchu or any other ninja action game. :)

STK0262049d ago

Well, for it's worth, game previews were pretty negative. I'll try to play it by myself before passing judgement, but it's not exactly the Vita game I'm anticipating the most.

Baka-akaB2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

truthfully it looks like a ps2 reject , compared to other vita titles . Not looking nearly good enough .
It's exactly why games like genji 2 had bad press at launch

Graphics arent everything of course , but Shinobido wasnt much good , and this just look like the same , except maybe fixing some issues

resistance1002049d ago

Looks very average from what i've seen so far. To be honest theres far to many better looking titles coming out in the launch window to really worry about this title.

Will try to give the game a go, but at the moment i can't see myself picking it up unless its in the bargain bin

ShinFuYux2049d ago

I can imagine this game was a PSP game and the development time was pushed to make a PSvita game. Just look at the characters, you can tell the amount of polygons used... This game looks god awful.

pain777pas2049d ago

This may be a good bargain bin game though. From some footage there is some gliding ala Arkham City in this game that intrigued me gameplay wise. We'll see.