11 New Games Come to PlayStation Home This Wednesday

PlayStation Blog - This Wednesday, January 11th will see yet another enormous update to PlayStation Home, with new games to play, a massive expansion to one of our most popular titles, and tons of collectible items.

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Godmars2902265d ago

I've come to the realization that trying to defend Home is like trying to defend Farmville - wholly pointless.

metsgaming2265d ago

Home is getting better and better, the games on their are increasing in quality. That fps bootlegger thing is decent and if they keep making stuff like that i will go on once in a while. That and the theater make me go back. Plus the special event like the streaming of video from E3 etc. As far as the hanging out with people goes its pretty lame but beyond that it has potential and its slowly getting there.

Godmars2902265d ago

And it will still only ever be Farmville to many.

Though lord help us if/when they implement something like Farmville in Home...

fucadastates2265d ago

would love to earn trophys from games inside HOME.

Nes_Daze2265d ago

Half of the population in Home are trolls, the other half consists of people who never got attention in the real world and thus need it in a virtual world. In this half is also included some girls who like to play Barbie Shopping Adventure. Then you have the small minority of people who use Home moderately without trolling.

Wanna know who falls where? Just criticize Home on one thing, and then look at the replies, here or at their forums.

lodossrage2265d ago

Then where does that leave us gamers?

See because the vast majority of the stereotype you just threw out there is EXACTLY was people used to describe gamers at one time.

HOME is no more or less worse than any other avatar based world with the descriptions you just said.

The sad part about this here is instead of LEARNING, people just throw their stereotyping to another medium.

Nes_Daze2264d ago

I'm talking about what I see. A stereotype is usually at least partially true. I said there was a small amount of gamers who used Home moderately. I'm talking about the people who spend their lives in their, and somehow manage to get in a few hours pf gaming. That doesn't leave much time for anything else now does it? I'm stating what I have seen in Home, not what I have read or heard. keep that in mind.

lodossrage2264d ago

Again, what you say is what was at one time used to describe the gamer in general. And that also was from people stating what they so called saw. Keep that in mind.