Razer's new tablet, Project Fiona, raises the stakes for gaming tablets

We weren't exactly looking for the "Switchblade of CES 2012," but Razer's latest concept, nicknamed "Project Fiona," may take the title anyway. This concept gaming tablet flanks a 10.1-inch multitouch screen with a pair of nunchuk-like four-button controllers, lending the slab a bit of flightstick flair. Its dual-stick wings won't help you fly through ShadowGun however -- this slate is a Windows machine. An Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor hopes to keep Fiona fragging with the desktop kiddies, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan told us, giving it the chops to run modern PC games right out of the box.

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Christopher2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

That, honestly, looks goofy as well. Controller gaming devices exist, adding goofy controller add-ons like that to a tablet isn't the solution, IMHO. It's just more stuff you have to keep track of.

Current tablet games are refining their UI and touch capabilities to improve virtual controller gaming. This would be a step backward if you have games that rely on external devices as opposed to built from the ground up for touch only. Again, IMHO.

If there are elements to enhance gaming capabilities on tablets, they need to be a part of the tablet and not add-ons like this, IMHO again. Such as built-in analog sticks and buttons on the sides.

vortis2259d ago

They just need to bring the analog hotdogs closer to the tablet and it'll be all set.

Touch-screen feels impossible to use for core gamers. It works fine if you're playing "kitchen" games, though.

Christopher2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Infinity Blade 1&2, GTA 3 and Chinatown, and The Bard's Tale have all worked fine for me. FF games are actually perfect for touch screen devices. So much easier to manage action menus with it.

I think the thing is that certain games just don't belong on tablets, but everyone is trying to do way too much with them.

The Transformer Prime with it's attachable keyboard and BT mouse capability is what they should aim for with regards to hardcore gaming. You do hardcore when you have the space to set it up, but otherwise core tablet gaming, which includes some hardcore games, when on the go.

Rainstorm812259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

IM sorry GTA 3 controls were crap

vortis2259d ago

GTA III worked fine for you? Really? Man that was atrocious but I guess it just depends on what you consider "fine" for a tablet. I like precision control schemes.

The analogs on the Razer tablet reminds me of the PS Vita...they're making a mobile device with core gamers in mind who like precision gaming. I guess, again, it just depends on what you're looking for out of a control scheme. They just need to buckle those analog sticks tighter and closer to the tablet itself.

Christopher2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

That's the thing, the controls are actually just as good for me as they are for the PS2, which weren't all that good to begin with. Now, that doesn't mean they are good for everyone, but nor does that mean they are poor controls.

Again, if they want a gaming tablet, then it needs to be built into the device, not tacked on with ridiculous accessories. Still just my opinion. Again, Transformer Prime is the best example of the future of tablets (and notebooks/laptops in general) and how they allow one to play hardcore and tablet-focused games.

CaptCalvin2259d ago

"...hopes to keep Fiona fragging with the desktop kiddies." not gonna happen in games like starcraft and shooters, not without a mouse and keyboard.

vortis2259d ago

It depends on the game...most ported games to PC have better gamepad support than they do mouse and keyboard support (i.e., Borderlands, BioShock, Dead Space, Resident Evil 5, Bulletstorm, etc., etc.,)

Heck you didn't even get an inventory screen with BioShock, just the radial menu which was a pain to use with the KB + Mouse.

If you're playing console ports on PC in multiplayer then it's fair game considering how crappy the ports are for PC (especially if they lack proper mouse smoothing and have framerate limiters).

If the tablet users are trying to play against PC users in games like Far Cry 2, STALKER or the first Crysis then yeah you're's not gonna happen.

CaptCalvin2259d ago

I was talking from more of a competitive multiplayer point of view. Most PC multiplyer games even console ports to PC remove any aim assist in multiplayer, which gamepad aiming relies on quite heavily.

LettingGo2259d ago

I have an Xperia Play and what is this?!?

LettingGo2259d ago

Does everyone realize that a Dualshock 3 works on tablets?!?

ginsunuva2259d ago

Imagine that huge battery life.