Surfer Girl on Rockstar North, Dreamcast 2, BioWare MMO, etc.

(In)famous industry "insider" Surfer Girl has a new entry on:
• Michael Pachter's suggestion that Rockstar North might "pull a Bungie"
• Dreamcast 2
• BioWare Austin's MMO (which she says is not related to Star Wars and gives some new information) and BioWare Edmonton's Star Wars game
• A new Star Wars MMO, being developed elsewhere (i.e., not by BioWare)
• How far away "To End All Wars" is from completion
• A list of 2008 games that she would stay away from
• Don King Presents: Prizefighter

In addition, Surfer Girl notes that the new issue of Future Publishing's NGamer magazine has an article called "Surf's Up," which features hot scoops that she revealed back in early November.

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MK_Red3902d ago

Most of the "Stay away from" games are obvious suspects but Rogue Warrior and Golden Axe: Beast Rider? I was kinda looking forward to them.

ktchong3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

I'm more interested in knowing if KOTOR 3 (which Surfer Girl had said BioWare is working on) and Mass Effect 2 + 3 will remain as Xbox exclusives.

KOTOR used to be a flagship RPG series for Xbox, but LucasArts still holds the Star Wars license, and now EA holds BioWare, so that does complicate the situation for Microsoft.

DRUDOG3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

No one seems to know about KOTOR or ME staying exclusive to xbox. Even the latest EGM gave no indication. I don't think anyone knows and it will obviously be big news when it drops.

Does anyone have a record on what Surfer Girl says? I'd love to see how accurate it all is. Obviously things could change once a rumor goes out, but seems like a lot of what she says is either a "no duh" like: no dreamcast 2. Or they're just pure speculation: Games to skip like Golden Axe? How the hell does he/she know?

HarryEtTubMan3902d ago

You better hope the Xbox gets to keep at least those exclusives beacuse the PS3 has MANY good exclusves coming...incling almost 10 MMORPG's haha. The Roung Peg is becoming a big XBOT again.

TheHater3902d ago

I think everyone already know that there isn't going to be a Dreamcast 2. And her list of games to stay away from is lame considering half of the list is made up of Movie Base games.

Hooby3902d ago

If kotor 3 is still being made by bioware, then I can die happy; unlike an MMO we actually get to finish the kotor storyline as the main character and if it's made by bioware, it'll be one of the best star wars games ever. I just hope combat is real time, actually hacking fools up with a lightsaber would be so much more fun.

Panthers3902d ago

Is she usually right with these predictions and stuff?

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