Pachter: OnLive Putting Windows on the iPad is the 'Biggest' CES Announcement

Gadgehit writes: "Michael Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Securities, has said that the biggest announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 is the fact the OnLive will now be able to stream the Windows operating system, as well as games. The analyst said that this basically means you can use Windows software on your iPad, and could mean that companies will start using iPads or other tablets, in conjunction with OnLive, for security reasons."

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Megaman_nerd2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Who would be stupid enough to install Windows on an iPAD anyway? Part of what makes Apple products so superior to MS is the software!

Megaman_nerd2357d ago

Ah forget it, I misread, I thought it was installing but if it's just streamed to allow gaming on it then it's pretty huge indeed.

gaffyh2357d ago

Yeah it's taking about streaming the whole OS so you can even stream windows software through it, a bit like virtual pc

smoothdude2357d ago

Considering that you can already do that with Citrix, I don't see how this is the biggest announcement.

koehler832357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I would agree if it was my own install of Windows.. but it's someone else's sitting somewhere on a server. It doesn't give me access to everything on my own computer.. so it's rather useless if you ask me. And for $10 a month JUST for windows on iPad? Requiring a solid network connection just to use it. I just don't think it's as good as it could be. Especially with something like LogMeIn available on iPad for free, giving streaming access to your own PC, just without the massive backend assistance to make it as seamless as OnLive is capable of.

NewMonday2357d ago

exactly right, this just turns it into something like google chrome.

and for enterprise, i don't think they will be OK with streaming company info thru a 3rd party.

what could be interesting is if low budget researchers get access to Super computing, but i don't think that is the plan her.

rattletop2357d ago

what qualifications does one require to become an analyst? pachter's job looks so easy- just speculate about product launches.

kingPoS2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )! Who would care to stream their personal content over a 3rd party. What about privacy & security? Is that up to snuff!

Tyre2356d ago

Pachter, the biggest lobbyist for digital streaming, This is the biggest announcement? Are u crazy? This is just what microsoft was doing years ago with VMs...there is nothing special about it. Claim it is something special to make it headline news, that is the biggest proof that he is biased. Pathetic.