Bethesda confirms layoffs at id Software: 'Work on future id titles continues unabated'

Joystiq- id Software's parent company, Bethesda Softworks, confirmed with Joystiq this afternoon that an unknown quantity of employees at the Rage development studio have been let go. "As part of its standard business practice, id regularly evaluates staffing to ensure it has a workforce that meets the needs of the studio. As part of that process, some id employees were recently let go," the statement reads.

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NYC_Gamer2298d ago

well,this is what happens when you put out a tech engine instead of a real game.

Drekken2298d ago

This is what happens when you hype your game to the holy heavens and release a dud.

Why o why2298d ago

I picked up rage for £12.95..., tech demo or not "id buy that for a dolla"

Army_of_Darkness2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

I think it looks and plays great!( aside, from the loading textures) I don't understand all this hate towards it?! Looks and play way better than cod or any fallout game in my opinion.
The enemy ai is pretty impressive as well, I was surprised! Bandits kept dodging my bullets with flips and shit! Plays really smooth too.

killerhog2298d ago

Good now John carmack can talk crap from home and not waste work hours.

2298d ago
Rubberlegs2298d ago

Well this pretty much confirms there won't be a Rage 2 anytime soon. I liked Rage for it was, it had an old school corridor style appeal to it but that's the problem. They need to go beyond that corridor shooter appeal. It was fine with Doom 3 since that was over 7yrs ago but it feels dated today.

2298d ago
stevenhiggster2298d ago

They just need to hire a proper game designer, they've sucked since Romero left.
Currently id are great engine creators, just not so good at creating games to go with the tech.

Can't wait to see what some 3rd party studios can churn out using that engine.

TheColbertinator2298d ago

bethesda needs to sell id Tech 5 to others if they want to do this.