Should you Pre-order SSX? YES

While many big sequels are bound to disappoint this year, SSX looks to be one that will live up to all expectations.

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pedo_across-the-road2378d ago

I got a feeling that this game will be like Mirrors Edge,amazing but very underrated.

Captain Qwark 92377d ago

doubtful, SSX has always been a hit with the crtics as it should be. its a fantastic franchise. already got mine on preorder and cannot wait, blur was the last one i got and it was lame, this is the true sequel ive been waiting for

urwifeminder2377d ago

Will have to be good to be better than amped 3 so brilliant that game.

Fyflin2377d ago

About time we had an SSX game this gen! It looks awesome too, hope it's as good as SSX3!