SWTOR: No plans for cross-server PVP queuing in near future, says BioWare

SWTOR dev team wants cross-server PVP, but BioWare says it's not coming in the near future.

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FlashXIII2197d ago

Good, I rather it this way just limit the shards a bit more so there is more world pvp please.

Xristo2197d ago

Good...although I don't play "pay to play" MMOs anymore, in my opinion, cross-server PVP destroyed all realm pride in WoW. I will agree that it made BGs spawn much quicker but at the expense of losing all hatred for the other faction on your own server (might not be the same experience for all, but it was mine).

Anybody care to add or have the same or opposite experience?

Xristo2197d ago

I will add that SWTOR's pvp system may be nothing like the BGs in WoW and that I could be totally off....apologize if I am using a piss poor example with WoW. :P

Letros2197d ago

Yea WoW really started to go downhill when xserver BG was added, there was no sense of realm awareness, it just became absent.